Client Niches To Target When Expanding Your Social Media Management Company

Businesses and professionals at all levels in a variety of industries are starting to understand the importance of social media. Those in the social media marketing space have known this importance for years. Expanding a social media management company is going to take time so targeting new clients weekly is imperative. While not all of these niches are new, many in the established industries mentioned below are starting to understand that social media not only builds a brand but can attract customers/address customer service concerns. The following are niches of clients to target when trying to expand your social media based business.

Cryptocurrency Platforms

Cryptocurrency has exploded in the last few years with Bitcoin becoming a household name. These platforms on which people are trading these currencies need to gain the consumer’s trust. The volatility and difficult nature of cryptocurrency for many to understand has made this niche full of scams. Ensuring a safe transaction and spreading the word about the new platform or existing platforms will be necessary for a social media management company. The engagement from followers is important but more importantly is educating people about the platform as well as cryptocurrencies in general. Many of these people working for these platforms will be tech savvy but may not want to spend their days managing the company’s social media accounts. has more information about cryptocurrency if you’d like to research before pitching these companies.

Twitch Streamers

The amount of money that some Twitch streamers can make in a month might shock many of those sitting at their corporate gigs. Streaming video games has become more popular than anyone could have thought. These gamers might not have the best social media skills which is imperative when trying to build a Twitch following. Not many other platforms offer the free promotion that social media allots. Something as simple as starting a live stream on a social media platform to show a pregame routine can help build a sense of a personal relationship with followers. Do not underestimate the need for daily posting without annoying followers as producing interesting and engaging content consistently can help build a following that the streamer previously thought was impossible.

Medium Size Influencers

The money that there is in influencer marketing is staggering which is leading medium and smaller sized influencers to try to expand their reach. While these people might have great social media tactics, the content that the social media management company can produce is sure to convert in followers. Having the influencer write out tweets then formatting them with correct hashtags is an option. A good mix between the social media management team and influencer will not compromise the genuinely of the account to the point that followers will notice. Most influencers need help with posting consistently with content that actually interests their followers. Too many “empty” posts can lead to less engagement and unfollows from otherwise loyal members of the influencer’s follower community.


Finding someone in a professional field like a dentist, doctor, or lawyer to manage social media accounts can have a huge profit margin. Setting up and writing tweets for a month can take a few hours between the writing and scheduling. In niches of law like personal injury these firms are willing to pay high prices as one conversion of a person with a decent sized case can earn a firm thousands of dollars. Social media is a place where people reach out to ask questions so something like answering what type of insurance a medical practice takes can lead to a new patient for the practice. These professionals will not have time to handle social media on their own and most do not want to hire someone in-house to handle it as outsourcing it will provide a much better ROI. The main goal of these types of professionals is to set appointments so keep this in mind.

Expanding any business is going to take hard work and following up with leads. Take a look at the above industries and professions to see where you can expand your business’ client base. Social media is here to stay and businesses finally understand its importance. Although many though social media was important, they did  not seem to want to put any budget into it. Now that its importance is apparent, clients are now willing to pay a bit more for a job well done.


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