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So here’s the deal: we know clutter is in our lives. Why? Because we walk around it, step over it or do our best to ignore it.  If you have been following my blogs you know the process:

 Purge | Donate | Re Purpose.

 30 -second rule: Need? Use? Love?

 Organize | Categorize | Simplify

 It’s literally a 1, 2, 3 process all the way through…BUT clutter still multiplies!

 Why can’t we eliminate the clutter in our lives?

 Clutter becomes physical manifestation of what we are emotionally avoiding.

 I have mentioned we have a very small home. I like it because it is very easy to maintain. Except for  the second room… it had become dumping ground for everything. It was the holding room. I would organize it and then it would fall apart. I would go back– mind set and determined, but within a couple of months it would look exactly the same.

 Here’s the deal: my husband and I have been thinking about expanding our family past pet kids to an actual baby. We have been putting much thought into the idea and what it would take. In all our conversations we could not make a decision until this year. We decided it felt right, it seemed the right time for both of us and the decision to foster seemed like the path for us. Once we made the decision, that room transformed little by little–the odds and ends began to disappear, ideas came to me on how to decorate and soon that room was renewed to a place for a new bundle of joy.

 Here’s the deal: my closet (see transformation here)was always cluttered with stuff. I had too much in the closet! No matter how many times I would organize, all my efforts would fall aside. I decided this year to lose weight and get back to my old body- fat girl was singing the blues. I went on my diet and lost a lot of weight. I bet you know where this is going… sure enough as my weight dropped my closet felt like a cave. I researched an inexpensive way to transform and viola! I found it. Now I get 3 times the amount of product but am still able to maintain and keep it neat–simple and ORGANIZED.

 Here’s the deal: the big reason clutter is in our lives is because in specific areas of our lives we have retreated and allowed the clutter to grow.  When the clutter grows, it take time to clear it out.

 The number one excuse people use for not getting started on clearing clutter is lack of time. You can clear your clutter in a chunk of time with the right support! Click here OR you can chip away at it inch by inch. Life feels complicated and we lose our motivation. I have to be honest: LIFE IS COMPLICATED, but that does not mean you cannot move through the clutter.  Clutter will be in your life. Sometimes it will be a long lost friend and sometimes it will be an annoying friend, but it’s still there so you might as well befriend it and deal with it!

 Clutter arrives in your life for many reasons and it’s up to you to excavate your life and find out what areas you are avoiding.

 Is it Finances?

 Clutter manifests in abundant amounts of paperwork, unorganized files, computer clutter and unopened mail.

Time to discover: Are you financially stressed? Do you need assistance with a financial plan? Are you worried about money flow?

 Is it your Kitchen?

Clutter manifests in unorganized pantry, messy fridge, and excessive amounts of food.

Time to discover: Are you eating well? Are you feeling good? Are you feeling healthy? Are you pushing off a wellness check up?

 Is it your Bedroom?

Clutter Manifests in UN kept drawers, unorganized closets and an UN made bed.

Time to discover: Are you sleeping well? Is your love relationship healthy?

 As you begin to figure out your clutter hot spots, you will then start to clear the clutter and soon will feel at peace. The items in your life should be the things you need, the things you use, and the things you love–anything else is just clutter.

Be friends with clutter; get to know it and then work in minimizing that clutter. Clear the clutter and enjoy more in your life. Can’t seem to get there? Call me for a free consultation!


I know you can do it!

Face the clutter and clear it!

Why should you do it?

Because you deserve a clutter free life!


Planting Peace!