Up And Coming Baby Name Trends For 2016

Like everything else in this ever-changing world, the trends in baby names is always developing, and always shifting.  One year, Madison might be the most popular name in the world, and next year, general opinion towards that particular moniker could change.  That’s how swift and sudden it is.  That doesn’t stop scores of parents from following those trends.

If you want to stay on top of the current baby name trends and give your soon-to-arrive baby a name that everyone’s going to adore, here’s what you need to know about the up and coming baby name trends for next year.

1. Traditional Names:

Recently, “old fashioned” names like Eleanor and Thomas have come back in style, but look for a different blast from the past in terms of baby name trends for next year.  Some of the most popular names from the 1980s and 1990s are going to come back.  Expect to see girl names like Ashley, Katie, Hannah, and Lauren.  For the boys, look for Daniel, Jason, Kevin, and Scott.

Photo Credit: CNNbaby name trends
Photo Credit: CNNbaby name trends

2. Names With Unique Spellings.

The quest for uniqueness when it comes to naming a baby has been growing in popularity for a while, but expect a resurgence in the coming year, and creatively spelled names that take the creativity to the next level.  Abbagail, Cayli, Cloey, and Shyann might soon be on the class roster in preschool.  Along with Carsyn, Gavyn, Rian, and Kameron.


3. Statement Of Character Names.

What do you think?  Does a child’s name have a direct effect on their development or personality?  Whether or not you believe so, powerful statement names are making a comeback.  Look for statement names of power like Titan, Royal, or Noble.  The new “badass” names from this category will include names like Rogue, Blaze, or Sage.

4. Boys Taking Back “Girl” Names.

This year we’ve seen an increased passion in breaking down gender stereotypes, and doing away with things that are meant only for boys or only for girls.  In the past, some names have been almost always used for girls, despite the fact that many of them were originally used for boys.  Next year, the boys are poised to take back some of those names like, Courtney, Kelly, Madison, and Sidney.

baby name trends
Photo Credit: Nannies With Love

5. Southern Charm Names.

One of the most popular baby name trends that is gaining speed is names that invoke southern charm.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that the name Jackson is now one of the most common baby boy names in the country.  Expect that trend to continue next year.  Look for names like Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, as well as names that describe the hot summer months in the south, like June or August.

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IMAGES: Hallmark | Nannies With Love | CNN


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