Communication Skills: Making Proper Introductions in a Work and Social Setting

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In my business communications class some semesters ago, the class had to have to give an informative presentation. I did my presentation on making proper introductions at work and in social settings with a focus on gender, age, and corporate status. I think it’s important for everyone to know the proper way to make an introduction especially if you’re working within business.

Communications Skills – Introductions within the workplace:
    • Introduce lower rank associates to the higher rank associates.
    • Business associates get introduced to clients.
    • Introduce equal rank associates based on how familiar you’re with them.

Communication Skills – Introductions in a social setting:

    • Introduce a man to the woman.
    • Introduce the younger person to the older person.
    • Introduce a person to your relative.

Communication Skills -Group Introductions:

    • Introduce a group to an individual.
    • Make sure to say everyone’s name slowly & clearly.

Communication Skills -The person you’re introducing is stated last. If you’re confused on the introductions, here are a few examples to set you straight:

    • Introducing a business associate to client: “Mr. Client, I would like to introduce to you our Vice President of Sales, John Smith.”
    • Introducing a man to a woman: “Pamela, this is Tyler Williams my study partner in my business communications.”
    • Introducing a group of people to an individual: Tom, I would like you to meet Jane, Melvin, and Lisa.
    • If you’re introducing your boyfriend to your dad, you would say, “Dad, I would like you to meet my boyfriend Eric.”

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