Companies House: a Priceless Resource for Smart Businesses

duedil_logoAs any good entrepreneur will tell you, the secret of improved performance is to understand the nature of your market, competitors and suppliers. The Government’s Companies House registers all limited companies in the United Kingdom and can provide you with all available data on them. This corporate information resource, covering over two million companies, will give you a picture of how your market is performing, who is already competing in it, and who is succeeding.

If you are just setting up, you can view company accounts and annual returns to see how profitable your proposed business might be in a particular location.  Successful business models and locations can be replicated by small companies, either at the stage of writing a business plan, or during expansion, rebranding and development.

The most convenient way to access this invaluable resource is to browse Companies House WebCheck via Duedil.  The website offers you a great amount of information, such as the registered office address, the date of incorporation, the nature of the business, details of previous names, company type, status, insolvency details or actions registered against the company, and key filing dates. This ensures that you will only trade with reputable and reliable businesses and suppliers.

Current and past performance can be checked, including the history of any directors, before you sign a contract with them. This will give you confidence in your supplier or trading partner, and ensure your supply chain and service delivery.  Your reliability and reputation will not be compromised by the failures of those you depend on.

Further details can be purchased including company accounts, annual returns, company records and appointments. A monitor service is also available to allow you to keep an eye on information lodged with Companies House about your company, or others of interest to you. All information is displayed in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.

Browsing Companies House WebCheck via Duedil allows you to assess market performance across the board. You can keep tabs on your trading partners and suppliers, while monitoring publicly held information on your own company and others. This is the way to make good business decisions based on hard facts and meet customer expectations.

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