Compassion Rules the World

courtesy of dreamstime
courtesy of dreamstime

We have all been told to “never judge a book by its cover” but what about never judging a person based on what you see? It is no secret that people can be quick to judge others but have you ever stopped to think about what they maybe going through? One of the greatest gifts in life, is life itself, so why is it that we live in a world where we spend time judging each other instead of loving one another? Enjoy the life God has given you and spread that joy to others. Think for one second how great this world would be if there was less judging and more understanding?

If we spend time assuming we know the whole story about ones situation then we’re wasting our time! Know that you never know the whole story. Even your best friend keeps things to himself/herself. What does it even matter if we know the whole story? What should matter is that we know enough to love and respect everyone for who they are. Quit trying to change people, quit trying to turn people into puppets, and start accepting. People need empathy when faced with hard times. Imagine all you miss out on by wasting your minds capacity on nonsense. Life has so much to offer and your mind controls how you feel, think, act, and react so make sure you’re filling it up with all the positives in life. What you feed your mind will completely set the tone for your day, week, and even your life.

If someone treats you badly or snaps at you have the love to know that it is probably not personal. They are reacting to something else going on in their lives and instead of fighting back just have respect and know it’s at that moment when they need you the most. When we dig deep to understand that at times when people put on a brave face it’s at that moment when they hurt the most. If you catch yourself constantly trying to figure everyone out then work on changing your mindset. Our lives should not consist of trying to figure out everyone else instead our lives should be spent figuring out our own self. Changing your mindset will change YOU which will then change your discussions with others, relationships, and compassion you have towards people. Change how you think and watch how fast your life will go from hopeless to hopeful.

Constantly judging is not destroying the one being judged but rather the one judging. It will eat at you and eat at you until you lose yourself to this unhealthy way of living. If you spend your day on the negative side of things how can you live a positive life? We were put on this earth to be happy, free, and loving; not negative and spreading that negativity to others. Success comes from our mindset so if your mind is set on judging and bitterness towards others how successful do you think you will ever become? What dreams and goals do you have for yourself? How do you want your life to look in the years to come? Take your energy and brand yourself into a new you!

Jim Rohn said it best “Personal development comes before the fortune” and every day I find this to be more and more true. Unless we are developing ourselves and learning how to be the best human being as possible our full potential will never be reached. Why continue to live the life your living? Why settle? Live to your full potential and be free! Free of stress, finances, and negativity. Be happy and spread that happiness to others; you never know who needs it the most. Big changes start with small steps; so start with yourself and see how great you can become.

As important as it is to never judge a book by its cover it’s even more crucial to never judge a person by what you see on the outside. You can’t feel someone else’s heart so stop pretending too. Even if you think you know, you never know the full story of what is going on. Be there for everyone and focus your mind on your own personal growth. When you develop yourself you will completely see the world in a new light and others will see that new light in you.

Take care and God bless,

Andrea Lopez

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