Conquering Common Content Marketing Challenges

In the past few decades, content marketing has evolved to become an even harder task for many individuals and business owners. This is because it entails so many transitional aspects. The internet in particular has changed the way people used to sell out their products. Though relevant, gone are the days where marketers could move from house to house to sell their products. Even so, there are myriads of challenges that come with the modern form of marketing content. Competition in content marketing has led to marketers devising new, ingenious ways of ensuring that there content adequately reaches the reader. This becomes even harder for an individual with no knowledge of the relevant tools to use while marketing content. In this post, we’re going to point out common content marketing challenges that people face today as well as sharing tools that can aid in smoothing the process.

Content creation

Content creation is a fundamental aspect in content marketing. After all, how can you market content without having the content itself? It may seem a simple task to create content, but the truth of the matter is, even the most opulent writers always struggle with the dynamics of creating content. This is because the art of creating content entails numerous aspects including carrying out in-depth research on the content t to write, and knowing the targeted audience well. This outwardly becomes a challenge in marketing content. More and more people are coming up with ways of creating content that is engaging and easy to market. Keeping up with the competition is a wanting task. The best way to overcome this challenge is by carrying out thorough research on the content to write. Also, knowing the correct tools to use for creating content is very important. The internet provides us with an array of tools that haven proven plausible to content creation. One of the most efficient tools is the use of online writing platforms like Aussiewriter. This is a platform that specializes in customized content creation. It comprises of a team of experts in all niches who have mastered the art of delivering content that suits our demands. Other tools include Uvorcorp and Upwork. By using these tools, you will have saved time and const and finally conquer the challenge of creating content for marketing.

Content curation

Many people despair the fact that content curation is a challenging task. May be it’s because content curation does not involve creating content from scratch or it does not require doing a lot of research. Either way it’s still a daunting task for many. This is because curating good content for marketing is not enough but the challenge is curating excellent marketing content that will capture the attention of the targeted audience. Even though creating content from scratch is important, curating catchy marketing content is equally important. The key to developing relevant curated content ids being an internet savvy individual and having an eye for quality and detail. This is because the internet is thronged with an array of articles and blog posts that can be hard to choose from. Carrying out proper research and knowing specifically what your audience want is the key to success. Apart from that, it is important to use relevant curation tools to ease the process. These tools include DrumUp, which is a content curation tool that aids in finding relevant content to curate from all social media accounts and Canva which is a tool that helps ion creating relevant images and inforgraphics for your curated content.

Editing and proofreading

Marketing content with either grammatical or spelling mistakes is a fatal step to take. The ewe of a king making a terrible yet minor mistake at war will lead to devastating outcomes like lose of war and eventually crumbling the entire kingdom. The same goes for marketing content with simple mistakes. It is thus of utter essence to ensure that the editing and proofreading process is done first before posting the content for marketing. This is a challenge because most marketers find little or no time to go through their content before posting them for marketing. More so, most marketers outsource the task of creating content to other companies. This is a good thing. However, you will be at their mercy if the company creates content that is either irrelevant or has many mistakes. It is therefore important to proofread and edit any mistakes that may be in the content. The use of tools like Google Docs, which has been created with incredible features for editing, and Microsoft Word which is able to highlight spelling errors, come in handy while carrying out this task.


Sometimes, just creating excellent content isn’t good enough. There is much more to marketing content that just creating, curating, editing and proofreading content. The other aspect to consider is how to distribute your content to reach to the target audience. It may seem as a simple task but deciding on the avenue to use is a daunting task to many marketers. Modern content marketing landscape is greatly inclined to the use of paid promotion. Even though traditional social media marketing is still a plausible concept, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide a more sophisticated segmentation process which makes it easier to reach to the right people. This is undoubtedly the best way to distribute your content for the purposes of marketing and hence promotion. Other avenues like radio and TV still play an integral part. However, modern marketing operates on the virtues of directly reaching out to the targeted audience which the Radio and TV have no capability. This is because they are generic. The issue of f and time to reach out to the targeted audience also should be considered while distributing your content for marketing. Social media, although some accounts require payment, are more efficient and cost conscious than televisions and radios.

Measuring the results

In the past, measuring the impact of content marketing was an uphill task. This could greatly be because of lack of means and equipments to do so. However, even with the most sophisticated technology available to measure the results of content marketing, it’s still a taunting task to many companies and businesses alike. Even so, the secret lies with proper planning of different factors like finance and medium of marketing. In order to comprehensively measure the content marketing results, it’s important to first of all determine what to accomplish with the content you are marketing. Is the content aimed at expanding your audience in the social media? Is your content aimed at generating more leads for the blog you are writing for? Is the content aimed at improving the status of the company or business? Well, by having clear stipulated goals of the content you are marketing, you will be able to easily measure the outcome. Depending with the aim of the content you are marketing, different tools can be used to measure the outcome or success of the marketing campaign. Google Analytics for example is an important tool in determining the number of leads your business or company blog has got. This can be accomplished by ensuring that you have proper conversion paths set up properly on the tool. Twitter Analytics and Buzzsumo on the other hand are important and reliable tools for measuring the impact of your content in the social circles. With these tools in hand, you will have overcome and conquered the treacherous problems of measuring the impact of your content to the targeted audience.

Managing multiple platforms

Content management campaigns need to run in numerous platforms in order to be success. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in particular are good avenues for running a successful marketing campaign. However, in order for the campaign to be successful, adequate management of these social media platforms should be managed properly. This is often a heavy task that requires a lot of time. But how do you manage numerous content managing platforms simultaneously? Well, the answer lies with the use of management tools designed to give you a live update of how your campaign is fairing on. One such tool is Swayy, which highlights all top stories on social media networks in one single dashboard on a timely manner. Another incredible tool is Mention. This tool enables you to see which of your content is trending on social media networks. It analyses all the attributes of the content including the number of views, comments and likes.

Maintaining consistency

This is one of the most difficult challenges to conquer in content marketing. It is very important to ensure that you maintain consistency in developing new content for a marketing campaign. But how do you do this? The best answer is through carrying out in-depth research on the trending topics and creating content on them. Furthermore, you have to actively engage with your audience tin order to know what they want to learn about. In order to accomplish this, you must first of all learn to constantly brainstorm on those ideas. This will help you create unique content s about the topic that your audience can read. Such tools as HubSport Key Word tool and Google Adword Keyword tool are very important for brainstorming on the relevant keywords and topic to write about. These tools give you a timely update on the most useful and relevant keywords and topics to write about in order for your content to be relevant. They go a long way in solving the issue of maintaining consistency in content marketing both on social media platforms and other platforms.

Lack of resources

The two most important resources in any content marketing campaign are time and money. In order to produce coherent and quality content for marketing, it’s of essence that you find enough time to do so. This means waking up early and sleeping late in the night. Although many businesses outsource the responsibilities of creating content for marketing (which is good), it is important to know that nobody knows specifically what you want for the content to touch. However, running the business by yourself may bar you from carrying other tasks like literally running your business. Time and money in producing content go hand in hand. If you don’t have the time to produce content for marketing on your own, you will have to hire someone else to do the job for you. Either in-house production of the content or hiring a freelancer will ultimately require the use of funds one way or another. The only solution is to create a reasonable schedule that allows you to create content on your own and at the same time, running your business. This way, you will have created your own content on your own time and terms and at the same time save money.

Increasing competition

The content marketing arena has by far and wide become a battlefield. More and more people are realizing the impact of content marketing to a business thus more and more businesses are using this technique to elevate their business. The bad news is that, no matter what you write about, either a pencil or the most recent sophisticated technology, someone else has already written about it. So what do you do to beat the competition? The best way is to consistently produce quality content and be patient as you develop your audience. Ensure that you entertain your audience with informative content on a daily basis in order to make them glued to your content. This is easier said than done. This is because in order to produce quality content regularly, there are two things involved that you can’t do without. They are money and time. But how do you find money for content t marketing and time when you are a start up company? There is no straight answer for that, but you will have to exercise patience and consistency in producing quality content. While doing this, you have to keep in mind that you are fighting to grab the attention of very few customers in the market compared to the number of business. It’s a battle field for attention!


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