Constancy and Change

dreamstimefree_221828-1The river is flowing a different direction today. It’s funny how quickly something seemingly so constant can just…..change. It’s made me realize, that there is no such thing as constancy or predictability and nothing should be taken for granted in its present state. In reality though, I suppose change is its own constant state, isn’t it? Our bodies change, our relationships change, our surroundings change. We resist the audacity of change, but sometimes we fail to see that things become stagnant if they stay the same for too long. To avoid stagnation, we must constantly reinvent ourselves and our circumstances. Renewal is what keeps us evolving and alive.

Adversity through change offers us a unique opportunity for learning. When we get too comfortable with something or with someone, we feel a sense of mastery and we get bored. Life becomes dull and, sometimes without realizing it, we begin to reach for something new and better. The universe pays attention to these cues and sends us in new directions. It sends us new people and new experiences to give us fresh perspective, knowledge, and wisdom. I feel that we are duty bound to use this wisdom to contribute to, encourage, and inspire others along the way. You see, those of us strong enough to do so, must press forward through the bullshit and the pain. We must be a guiding light to others and lead them out of the darkness. When they see, they will believe, that there is a way out. When they witness the broken trail and see what we’ve come through, they will be more likely to begin their own journey knowing there is greatness and life on the other side.

Being forced into change is like being pushed, fully clothed, into the water. That moment of lost control is scary and it takes seemingly long, certainly agonizing moments to rise to the surface and get our bearings. But as humans, we are built to survive. We may even find the ground beneath our feet once we have time to take some deep breaths and assess the situation. Next thing you know, you’re having a lovely swim on a sunny day and forgotten that you had no intention of going into the water. Your view of the world and, of your surroundings, has changed and evolved and now, you’re a swimmer. In the river. That is flowing a different direction today.


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