Contending For Your Created Self

ID-100209834When I was fourteen-years-old, I watched The Long Kiss Goodnight for the first time. It quickly became one of my favorite movies because it gave me a solution to my woes in life. The solution to all of my problems was one simple line: “Life is pain; get used to it.” I remember digesting it and regurgitating it as I reflected on my very own pain. Those words had life. They defined my life. And they dictated how I was to respond to the events in my life for the next thirteen years. I wasn’t going to respond at all. I was supposed to suppress everything. No response was the best response, it indicated that everything had been neutralized and that I had gotten used to it.

“Life is pain; get used to it.” The actress said it with such conviction, that I internalized it and it became my truth. Equating life to pain was just a summation. Life is abandonment. Life is neglect. Life is betrayal. Life is broken promises. Life is the promise of solitary journeys. Life is the absence of love. Life is the constancy of lies, deception, and inconsistencies. That’s what life was to me at the age of fourteen, those were the sources of my pain, and so, I got used to it. I chose to operate out of my conditioned self, a place of duplicity and disorientation molded by the circumstances of life. Instead of processing pain, walking through dark moments, and having my eyes adjust to the light, I chose to close my eyes and walk in darkness.

In December 2011, I decided to contend for my created self. I no longer wanted to subscribe to the false sense of security that my conditioned self provided. I wanted to be relational and vulnerable, love deeply without restriction, and forgive quickly without holding grudges. It was work, but it has been so worth it! First I had to acknowledge that I was duped and led astray, then I had to renounce the lies that I came into agreement with and replace them with truth and finally, I had to live out that truth. I simply decided to step in the ring to win the fixed fight.

What lies have you bought into and made your truth? Are you willing to dismiss those lies and contend for your created self? Do you have the will to win a fixed fight? Even though the fight is fixed you’re still required to exercise discipline and train diligently, you must exhibit courage by showing up and you must possess tenacious endurance to go all rounds. Will you contend?

You shall not need to fight in this battle; take your positions, stand still, and see the deliverance of the Lord [Who is] with you. Fear not nor be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you. 2 Chronicles 20:17 (AMP)

Nadine Burroughs is a prolific writer, passionate speaker, and dedicated mentor. She embodies the attributes of an audacious leader and humble servant. Nadine has a particular motivation to help individuals endure adversity, overcome obstacles and stereotypes and to experience a life of true happiness and freedom.

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