Content Submission Guidelines

republished contentProject Eve welcomes submissions of original content including blogs, stories, and research report briefs on the following subjects:

1. Starting Over

  • Start-up Stories
  • Starting Over
  • Motivation
  • Career Corner

2. On a Shoestring

  • Business Planning
  • Technology and Web Design
  • Branding
  • Funding and Finances
  • Startup Tool Kit

3. Sell It

  • Advertising and PR
  • Blogging and Content
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Leadership and Managing

4. Glass Ceiling

  • Social Impact
  • Status of Women
  • Work-Life Balance

5. Take Five:

  • Book Club
  • Personal Finance

Please note Project Eve has launched a spin-off site called Getting Balance to host and showcase Project Eve’s lifestyle oriented content.  It will highlight posts about Healthy LivingFamilyNutritionTravelHomeWellnessEntertainment and all things that help us find happiness and wellbeing outside of work.  Please make your contributions on these tops there and know that they will continue to reach the same great community. 

Because we are committed to delivering only the most interesting news to our community of professional and educated women, we do use editorial discretion when publish. Reblogged or republished content is no longer permitted and will not be published.  Editorial discretion pertains to the decision to publish as well as layout, title, graphics, spelling and grammar. Before submitting your articles, please consider our guidelines below.

All syndicated content will be featured and distributed to our entire social media network of almost 300,000 friends, fans and followers. We would like all posts to be tagged accordingly, written in 12 point font and include at least 1 image no greater than 250 pixels. All posts should also include a 2 sentence author bio at the bottom.

Project Eve’s blogs increase the availability of information, encourage healthy debate, and make possible new connections between people. It is our goal to help our bloggers get published and help major media sites find the bloggers and content that will best fit their editorial needs. Accordingly, the editorial team at Project Eve is dedicated to finding, promoting, and maintaining a selection of high-quality content based on the needs of our community. 

What we look for:

  • Content that complements our existing web site content to enhance our members experience
  • Unique perspectives that add a distinctive voice to feature content
  • Ethical and fair writing that doesn’t put the publisher in a compromising position
  • Vibrant, timely/current content

What we avoid:

  • Content that is excessively promotional/self-promotional
  • Spam
  • Pornography
  • Offensive content
  • Excessive spelling/grammar errors/ALL CAPS
  • Excessive profanity
  • Excessive links (We reserve the right to make any link ‘nofollow’ or remove links entirely).
  • Copyright infringement (Make sure you have the right to share the words and images you post). Your work must be yours to share and original. It cannot appear on other websites. If, after publication, we find that it was published elsewhere first, it will be deleted and you may lose the right to contribute additional blogs.
  • SEO related posts (These can be posted with a nominal fee. Contact [email protected])

Tips and Selection Criteria

  • The more frequently you post, the more likely a publisher will be able to find you. Minimum of one top-notch post a week.
  • Make sure your blog offers a distinct voice. We don’t want novels, but we do want full-length essay-style posts with unique content.
  • Stay away from posts that just link and summarize content from other sites.
  • Spell-check, grammar-check, polish it up.
  • Take a second look at the layout. Copying and pasting from certain programs produces strange spaces, please try to fix them.
  • Are you posting on the right site? Please  consider if one of our sister sites might be a better fit for your content. We are less likely to publish content if we have to move it to a different site.
  • Project Eve LLC reserves the right to move your blog to one of our sister publications (Project Eve, Getting Balance, Project Eve Moms, or Project Eve Money) if we can feature it there.

Because we want your blog to thrive here, we also hope that you will do the following:

Be trustworthy. Be right. When you’re wrong, correct as quickly as possible and be honest about it. Don’t write misleading headlines. Give credit where credit is due by linking and giving proper attribution. This applies to  copyrighted images and graphics as well as the written word.

Use good judgment. 
Even though you are an independent contractor, our readers may think of you as a representative of the Website and your fellow community members. Please use good judgment when dealing with fellow readers and bloggers online and in public.

Blog frequently and intelligently. We’re not going to tell you how often to post or what to write about. We trust you.

Build community. 
This means moderating your comments, featuring users’ content on your blog, and interacting with users regularly and in a timely fashion.

Keep us in the loop. We want to know if you have a problem or need to bounce an idea around.

If you are interested in becoming a syndicated columnist, we ask that you first write a blog for Project Eve in accordance with the guidelines set forth above.


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