Workplace Flexibility

Their struggle to attend their child’s call and balance work responsibility at the same time has drawn them towards pursuing jobs that offer favorable flextime. Working moms today, have a high preference for options of work from home or variable timings at work. In reverence to a strong willed professional turned mother, some employee-friendly organizations in the country choose to retain their efficient female executives by letting them work at their convenience after giving birth. However, the trend is yet to be fully established in India. There are still many young moms who have no option but to quit their jobs because of being unable to cope up with the hectic corporate demands.

Workplace flexibility gives the best of both worlds to ‘just-turned moms’ by allowing them to give their most efficient performance at work and along with it, give sufficient time to childcare. According to a recent study, 42% of working adults were willing to give up some percentage of their salary for more flexibility at work. And more than three in five agreed that flexibility was one of the most important factors when evaluating a job prospect. Moreover, at the white collar level, flextime has yet not got many supporters. Where the common understanding is that convenient hours of working can reduce employee efficiency, companies offering flextime have observed that their employees with convenient work timings have provided more productive performances as compared to their full-time workforce. Hence, offering favorable work timings to employees has emerged as a viable solution for the organizations to retain efficient talent in the competitive job scenario.

This exciting new trend in the recruiting business led to the establishment of Mom Corps, a one of it’s kind organization that endeavors to cater staffing needs of numerous companies with competent and talented moms striving to make their choices work in the conventional workplace environment. Mom Corps, is helping Allison O’Kelly, founder–and other working moms–spend more time at home and at same time serve their ambitions in the professional field as well. Based on a similar objective, many mom-friendly recruiting companies are coming up with an intent to hold back their talented workforce by offering them most suitable work hours, keeping into consideration their work-life balance.

Advancing towards facilitating enhanced performances and increased efficiency at workplace, Fleximoms is a fast-establishing staffing company in India. The organization aims at bridging the gap between growing need for talented workforce in companies and demand for flextime by young and ambitious moms across the country.

Understanding the exceptional talent and skills of women professionals, Fleximoms presents ‘Sheroes’, a novel platform for female employees to learn, grow and establish.

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