Convert Blog Subscribers Into Customers In 5 Steps

Without a doubt, a blog is a very effective way to connect with people! By focusing on providing strong, valuable content, you are making your blog something they will really want to read, and something to which they will possibly even subscribe. That’s when you know you are putting out something worthwhile.

But is that enough?

If only just “putting it out there” could guarantee that it would convert readers into actual business leads! The truth is that it takes something more than that. Pamela Vaughan of HubSpot, a leading designer of marketing software, refers to that “something more” as “blog optimization… using your blog to move prospects through the marketing funnel.”

So, how do you move prospects through the marketing funnel using your blog?

1) A Welcoming Email – Rather than bombarding new subscribers with opportunities for lead conversion right out of the gate, begin by warming up with a friendly automated welcome email. If you have personal information about your new subscriber, design your email in a manner that allows you to personalize the email. Vaughan suggests, “Use this email to show recipients how much you appreciate having them as subscribers, remind them what they signed up for, and let them know about any other action items.” This is also a good place to suggest that they follow you on social media for additional updates.

2) Provide Frequency Options – If you have the capability to do so, allow your subscribers to choose the frequency with which they receive email from you. While they may be interested in your excellent blog, very few things turn off a potential customer or client like a deluge of unwanted email. Some people may want to receive an email every time you post new content. Others may desire less frequency. Rather than trying to guess what the majority would prefer, why not just leave it up to them and offer the option (instant notification, daily, weekly, etc.)?

3) “Smart CTAs” – These specified calls-to-action let you decide which offers are presented to what visitors in your blog. Vaughan advises, “One of the most effective ways to optimize your blog for visitors in different lifecycle stages is through the use of Smart CTAs. For blog visitors who aren’t yet leads, you’ll want to display very top-of-the-marketing-funnel, low commitment, educational offers — like ebooks, webinars, tip sheets, checklists, templates, etc. — since they’re just starting to get to know your business and what you offer.”

4) Align Marketing With Content – Consider creating marketing offers that relate to your blog content. By allowing your blog content to reflect your marketing ideas (or vice-versa) you are letting your subscribers make a seamless transition into an opportunity for lead conversion.

5) Include CTAs Within Your Blog – Allow me to emphasize this: As long as your offer is relevant to the content of your post and educational in nature, it is perfectly fine to put a call-to-action within the text of your blog. These CTAs, such as the ones mentioned in step 3, should be there to provide additional resources to your subscribers that are helpful and interesting.

By following these steps, you will be able to let your blog carry far more than its weight in helping your business grow by moving prospects through the marketing funnel. You will be able to offer your subscribers the information that they want, when they want it, while opening new avenues for conversion. The result is a win-win for you and your subscribers.

You could call it a “marketing funnel-of-love.”

Bola Olonisakin is the Creative Head & Chief Online Strategist at GTechDesigns. Bola specializes in coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations in achieving the MAXIMUM PROFIT from their website by increasing visibility and using laser-focused marketing strategy. Wondering what else you can do to convert subscribers? Discover the “5 Deadly Mistakes That You Might Be Making That Are KILLING Your Response Rate and Keeping You From Growing Your List Fast” at . This post was originally posted at

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