Coping with conflict at work………

Today’s post focuses on a situation I’m currently experiencing at work.  I have ten people in my team at work, but 3 women within that team are constantly sniping at each other and so I’ve had them come into my office individually to complain about one another! I mean I really don’t need the aggro! Anyway the cause of the conflict is a 37 year woman who should know better and she is picking on her 55 year old colleague, so the 55 year old comes into my office and is almost in tears and so I’m saying to her, well you have three grown up daughters and grandchildren and so you have this wonderful life outside of work, so why are you letting a 37 year get to you and talk to you like shit! Rise above it! I mean is my approach too simplistic? I just think too much time can be spent on this issue and listening to each conflicting story, therefore adding fuel to the fire. So as I said to each of the three women “TREAT PEOPLE HOW YOU EXPECT TO BE TREATED!”.

I hope they listen and take heed my advice………time will tell I guess!


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