Coworkers Care: Hubettes donate time, joy, and business skills to the San Diego community!

Some of our Monarch School students and members after an amazing vision board session!Business has always been a grand love of mine but something that I care deeply for, that is not often seen in the business world is philanthropy and service. It has always been my deepest intention to infuse service and giving into my business! I am overjoyed that my members also value such goodness! We received the unique opportunity to design, implement, and teach an after school business class at the Monarch School. Our 10 week after school program consisted of mission and vision statements, finance, branding, marketing, and of course the idea that of the future. The Monarch School is unique in that all of its students have been or are currently impacted by homelessness. The students are usually in a state of survival mode that often struggle with simply being present. This was perhaps our greatest learning curve. I have been fortunate enough to always have a roof over my head, even growing up poor, I had a place to sleep at night. This luxury has never forced me to worry about shelter, food, or resources. The amazing Monarch School have been forced to hone their street skills and a hustle to survive.

When you are fighting to survive the day-to-day, a five year plan is not even an option. I wanted the kids to really think about their future and encourage them to put their desires down on paper and to vocalize them; to bring them into the universe especially as they don’t often have the opportunity to do so. Our members and students reflected on the tangible business and life skills taught in their after school program: learning what a target market is, how to evaluate your assets, how to find financial backing etc. Hearing the students desires and dreams for their future was a beautiful closing and threading to our business course. One student shared “I just want to give” another said “I want to be a neo-natal nurse” and “I dream of traveling, to see the world and to trust myself”…their future is ours and I am ecstatic to hear their bold desires.

In this season on consumption (Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc) and the push to purchase AND in our self-absorbed culture, the time of the selfie (the cultural phenomenon which has made narcissism something playful and fun rather than troubling) let us infuse caring and service into our day, work, and lives. It’s GivingTuesday and I am blessed to share this blog post with you! Thank you #inteltablets for giving us an awesome gadget to capture this awesome opportunity to impact the future generation.

I want to personally thank all of our members (and my amazing Director of Ops, Janelle Doll) that participated, cheered, and organized!

Liz Lemesevski, Founder of Money Native
Stephanie Ringgold, Founder of TeaShea
Mary Wenzel, Founder of Write-Law
Marliese Bartz, Business Strategist, Management Consultant & Dynamic Project Manager
Cathy Hirata, Founder of Where Music Begins
Skyler McCurine, Founder of Le Red Balloon
Michel Engel, Founder of Insight Trak

I can’t wait to educate/volunteer next year and to touch even more non-profits through our member’s talents and expertise!


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