Crafting Your Message

Are Your Signs Different?
You could say a sign is just a sign and in many cases, that is true. What you are missing though, is that your sign should be much more. Your signage is part of your voice. It speaks to those who see it.

That voice, that message, needs to be crafted to speak to your target market.

It’s not by accident that there are some great signs out there. The very best sign people are in marketing. By hiring a sign company, you’re are hiring a marketing company. They need to guide you in the best way possible to deliver your message.

If they do not guide you and talk to you about your message, it may be time to find a new sign company.

In order to craft your message, share the answers to the following questions with your sign professional

What is your mission statement?
Who is your perfect customer?
What is the purpose of the proposed sign? (Identity, Event, Marketing, Informational, Directional, etc.)

A really good sign professional will use their marketing skills to craft your message that will speak to that perfect customer.

What is your sign company doing for you? Are they crafting your message or selling you theirs?

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