Create 4 Kinds of Content that Gets Shares and Attention

Have you ever played the “guessing game” with a child? It can begin as something light-hearted and fun. Then in a matter of seconds, it turns awfully frustrating.

One day, my nine-year-old daughter came rushing home from school, bursting with the question: “Guess who I saw today???!!!” I was thrilled that Stephanie was excited–versus her younger brother who practically crawled in the door each day complaining: “Nothing good happens, except at lunch.” Groan ☹

Of course, when I started thinking about who Stephanie may have seen, I immediately thought of 2 million possibilities. How could I guess, I had no CLUE as to who she may have bumped into.

Besides, it was 4:00, no dinner plan in sight and I still had lots of work to do. I tried desperately (OK, that’s a stretch) to smile and guess….I mentioned a few names and, of course, I was wrong. The frustration grew. Both Stephanie and I were quickly feeling exasperated about the “guessing game gone bad.”  It wasn’t fun any longer. I was getting annoyed and so was my nine-year-old.

I didn’t like the guessing game with my kids, and even though some years have passed, I’ve learned in #business –and in life—that “winging it” —isn’t always a great approach. Guessing about cash flow, #content and customer service only brings confusion and overwhelm. Look, I’ve been in business 18 years. A plan is a valuable tool.

That’s why I’ve been listening to conversations and posts about content marketing and strategies. Many people say they’re feeling overwhelmed about HOW to create timely #posts that get people’s #attention.

Let’s take the guesswork out of content so you can have a workable plan that’s easy…and frees up your time to do the things you enjoy.  Yes, work can be fun.

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