Create an Online Knowledge Base To Maximize Your Customer Support

Create an Online Knowledge Base To Maximize Your Customer SupportAs helpful as a customer support desk might be, it can be inconvenient to many people for a variety of reasons:

  • Some people at a customer service desk might not have all the answers to the questions that customers might have.
  • Many customer service employees will not have access to certain pieces of data depending on how such a desk is run.
  • To make things worse, a customer service desk might not always be available twenty-four hours a day.
  • It is also inconvenient to businesses as they are often subjected to higher expenses. The costs of running a call center can be high depending on how many people are working there and how many tickets are coming in.
  • A call center can indeed be frustrating but you can reduce the number of customer support tickets that your business takes in. You can do this by creating an online knowledge base.

What Makes a Knowledge Base Special?
An online knowledge base will certainly be useful because it shares a vast amount of information that customers can find online that answers common questions and helps customers troubleshoot problems. You can use knowledge base software to create a comprehensive, searchable directory of all the important information you’d like to share when it comes to your products and services.

Your knowledge base will include all sorts of details. It can include:

  • Information on how to assemble or use products
  • Answers relating to any services you have to offer
  • Details on how to fix certain problems relating to your products or services
  • Updates on the news changes or alterations to anything you have to offer

By working with a knowledge base, you will keep people in the know about what they can do with your products and services. This in turn makes it easier for you to resolve any problems or other concerns that your customers might hold.

You can even share your customer service base with those in your call center. This can allow them to get access to all the information you want to make available to the public. This in turn reduces the amount of time it might take for certain solutions to come about.

Create FAQs Out Of Your Knowledge Base
You can get some FAQs created out of the information that you have in your knowledge base. This can provide you with help for giving your customers the information that they want without being overly complicated in the process.

Your FAQs can include information relating to any questions that customers have about your products or services. There are a few things that can be done to make these all the more efficient and useful:

  • Create separate FAQ pages for individual products or services. For instance, if you offer software programs, you can establish FAQ pages for each one. Each of these specific FAQs can have its own unique questions and answers to provide customers with the help they demand.
  • Take a look at the most commonplace concerns that people have about whatever you are ordering. You can take the most commonly asked questions that your help desk gets and incorporate them into the FAQs.
  • Your FAQs can also include cross-linked articles or other links that can move to different spaces on your website. This is important if you have a product or service that can work well with another item that might be covered in a different FAQ or other website.

How Does This Reduce Support Tickets?
By using a knowledge base that you can post online, you will keep people from bearing with difficult support tickets. At the least, it will also reduce the amount of time that a ticket might be online as well, what with your customer service desk also getting access to the base. You will benefit for a variety of reasons:

  • People will get the answers that they want on their own without having to call anyone or at least be less likely to have to make a call.
  • The information will also be open during the entire day. This means that people can get help even if a call center might be closed.
  • This also helps to give your customer more information for future use, thus keeping added problems from popping up.

What If Customer Service Is Still Called?
Of course, there are always going to be times when your customer service desk will still be contacted for help. It might be contacted for reasons like a need to ask questions about certain problems that come about in newer versions of the products or services you sell. A software company that constantly updates its programs might come across new issues that aren’t covered online just yet, for instance.

Fortunately, you can get an online knowledge base to be made available online to all your call center employees. This works best if everything is on a cloud network so all information is easy to access.

By working with an online knowledge base in your call center, the people there will get their calls answered as quickly as possible. This in turn reduces the length of individual call center tickets. In turn, costs are reduced. It should not be hard to get these charges reduced.

This should help you out with keeping your information under control. More importantly, it makes it to where your customer service desk should not have to bear with too many tickets.

The information that your knowledge base might hold can be plentiful but you need to make sure the information you have is out there for your customers to find. You should certainly look into creating an online knowledge base to make it easier for you to support your customers and your call center alike. As you do this, you will notice that the cost associated with running a call center will go down. Your customers will also be more satisfied as they are getting the answers that they want when it comes to getting help.


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