Create your own website: for the entrepreneur and blogger on a budget

peoplecutoutmoneyskyA lot of small business owners are finding more and more that their brands need to be taken online in order to keep up with the digital age! I’ve been noticing a lot of requests pop up for customized websites so that these small business owners can begin to show up in Google searches, AND begin blogging (which puts huge smile on my face – as I love it when companies have their own blogs to represent their brands)! Unfortunately, yet not surprising for the newbie entrepreneur or start up company, the problem many come across is the small budget!

I’ve created this 23-page step-by-step guide to teach newbie bloggers, startup entrepreneurs, and/or small business owners without a website how to build one on their own without breaking the bank to hire a developer.

This eBook comes packed with photos, tips, tricks, and advice for setting up, maintaining, and managing your new WordPress site. You will learn how to blog, integrate your website into your social media strategy, what a “widget” is (you know… because that may come up in casual dinner conversation, of course), and more.

The downloadable eBook is FREE and it will teach you the skills, in an easy-to-understand language, that you’ll be able to use for your website needs moving forward. You’ll be your own web developer, and you’ll do it without ever needing to take an expensive course or paying for a high-end designer as you get your company off the ground!

Click here to learn more about the Creating Your Own Website guide, and if you know of anyone who may find it useful, please pass it along to them! I love helping small businesses kick things up a notch, and building and maintaining a website is certainly one of the most important steps in making it happen.


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