Creating a Powerful YouTube Page for Your Business

youtube_logoEffective social media and content marketing had gone visual. And YouTube makes it easier to keep viewers interested in your company.

It’s more simple than ever to create and upload quality videos to a branded YouTube page. Done right, you can use video to create very engaging content that will elevate your brand.

YouTube and the Power of Search

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, after Google. More than 1 billion people watch a YouTube video each month. More than 3 billion searches are done on YouTube in that time. Your small business can create the content that your potential customer are seeking.

Creating a YouTube Page

If your business doesn’t have a YouTube page, remember to create a business page (or channel as it’s now called), not a personal page. Look here, for specific instructions on how to do that. You’ll also want to verify your YouTube account for additional benefits, such as uploading longer form videos.

There are some technical things you’ll need to know about uploading and organizing your video. You can learn about that in the YouTube support section.

Today, I want focus on creating content and content descriptions.

What Kind of YouTube Videos Should My Company Make?

Creating videos for your customers should be fun! It’s a new, different and more sophisticated way to reach customers. You can create videos yourself, or hire an outside agency, whichever makes you feel more comfortable.

Below are 10 ideas to help you start creating interesting, watchable videos.

1. Profiles: Tell your company story. Show the human side of your company with employee/executive interviews.
2. How-tos and demonstrations
3. Tutorials and DIY projects
4. Customer Testimonials/Success Stories
5. Answer common customer questions
6. Test a new product
7. Compare products
8. Interview experts at a trade event
9. Event previews, Webinar invites
10. Behind the scenes at your company

Remember, you’re not creating advertisements, but marketing pieces. These videos will tell stories, but don’t explicitly sell. Keep your videos to around 2-3 minutes unless there is a VERY compelling reason not to. As your page matures, you may want to add a commercial or two to the lineup.

Good Luck!


–Written by Feoshia H. Davis, owner of Wr!teUp Creative Content.

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