Creating Space to Feel

Day to day life tends to find us numbed out, living in the outer layers of our selves. These tough, outer layers serve their purpose as armor and a shield against the daily stream of assault from words, noise, and ugliness, but make it difficult to reconnect to spirit and our vulnerability. The authentic you is there in those layers, but it’s a diluted version of the raw stuff.

There is a sense of losing control in the tingle of vulnerability when our eyes swell on the verge of tears. In fighting against that wave of emotion, the true self is kept buttoned up and hidden. I’ve learned it’s important, as often as I can, to connect in the rare moments when this opportunity arises. I have started stepping away to give myself over to the emotion and let the tears come. It helps my body, mind, and spirit stay clear and focused because I’m not spending energy suppressing the waterworks and more energy later to reconnect. I remain connected in this state and, though it’s not always sunshine and roses, it’s authentic.

It’s unfortunate how seldom we allow ourselves the space to feel. For most of my life, I didn’t even know how to access my emotions. I think that’s why, even in the throes of discontent, I appreciate my new found ability to feel. Being tuned in makes it easier to be aware of my inner knowing and intuition. In order to take full advantage of intuition’s power, we cannot continue to overlook and undervalue our connection to it. We should learn to honor this vulnerability and create space for its manifestation.

The inner layers of self are where we know our purpose and see easily what fits into our lives or circumstances. When something feels right, when a challenge seems worth it deep in your soul, you are accessing a level of the self well below the surface. From here, choices are safe from being directed by society or outside control. There is no need to question decisions made from this place or in this state. There is a sense of comfort and knowing, of faith and of being divinely guided there.

We should all make a continuous effort to tap into our biggest, most valuable resource….the self. We should all peel back a layer today and show these true selves to the world. Be proud of your unique vantage point and contribute differently; in a way only you can.

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