Creative problem solvers are entrepreneurs

My partner Tara and I have been talking about entrepreneurship for several years.

We started with the creative kind, where you use your intellectual property to fashion a life and work that fits you. We riffed on that, applying entrepreneurship principles to your life’s problems.

“Doesn’t matter what kind, I’m not an entrepreneur!” Maybe you’re thinking this right now. You aren’t alone. A lot of people don’t identify as an entrepreneur.

But you are an entrepreneur. We can see it in you. If you’re a creative problem-solver you are an entrepreneur.

You don’t have to run a business to be an entrepreneur. Running your own life is business enough.

And if you’re not an entrepreneur of your own life, we really want you to know that you can be.

Here are some GlobalNiche favorites about being a creative entrepreneur of your own life and work:


To highlight the fundamental entrepreneurial tools you need  we’ve brought into the March 2013 GlobalNiche workshop a global entrepreneurship powerhouse…Entreventures Forbes blogger and author of the upcoming book Steve Jobs Lives in Pakistan Elmira Bayrasli. She’s also a longtime member of the GlobalNiche community. Elmira will talk to us about building a network, reaching out for support, and mapping out a plan, and give us real world examples of these tools in action so you can get an idea how they’d work in your life.

Tweet this -> How do the skills & tools of an entrepreneur show up in your life?

Now share your own insights in the comments. Are you warming to the idea you’re an entrepreneur?


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