Cultivating a Strong Business Presence on Instagram

An effective strategy for marketing your business on social media requires steady growth of your following and a good level of engagement with your audience. Instagram offers one of the best means of bringing such a goal to fruition.

While it is imperative that you make SEO an integral part of your marketing strategy online, it is extremely difficult for a small business to compete for rankings on Google search results with large companies that have huge budgets.

It is for this reason that social media in general is seen to be amongst the most powerful tools for small businesses such as yours to build a sizable online following. Making ads on Facebook, for example, does not require a huge budget. However, the organic reach of such ads and engagement rates have plateaued over time despite their affordability and marketing value.

Try Out Instagram

Organic market reach on Instagram far exceeds that on Facebook, and regular engagement levels are more than double. The marketing space on Instagram is also less congested than that on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Brands on Instagram reach close to 100% of their followers with every post, compared to about 6% on Facebook.

Far higher organic reach, a higher engagement rate, and less competition on Instagram should be enough motivation for you to shift your marketing efforts from other social media platforms to the photo and video sharing app. How do you market your business successfully on Instagram? Read on.

Focus on visuals

Instagram users are easily inspired into action when they can immediately recognize your brand. For this to happen, you need to:

  • Ensure consistency in the quality and style of your content
  • Find a unique color scheme and consistently use it
  • Stick to the same filters
  • Avoid congesting your posts with text

By adhering to these simple principles, your audience will recognize your brand easily. It is okay to include your products in every post if you can manage to do it in a subtle way that is visually appealing. Creativity is paramount, so don’t just take a photo or record a clip and throw a random filter on it. You need to put some thought into it in order to earn free Instagram likes.

Ideas abound. For instance, if like many small businesses your budget is limited, develop creative images with quotes or testimonials from clients. Using your phone to capture product previews could also work. Just ensure that you have the right color scheme and good quality images and videos.

Get professional services

Successfully creating compelling content for Instagram marketing is as much an art as it is a science. If coming up with great posts is outside your skill set, you might want to hire a professional social media manager to run your business’ Instagram profile for you. Investing in such services may be necessary to turn your followers on Instagram into customers.


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