Customer Feedback- More Important than Ever

The New Age of Customer Service

Today more and more people are shopping around to find what the want either online or during sales such as Black Friday. In the past 20 years, we have seen a move away from customer service as it was not seen as a need by companies because the value for money was viewed as the priority, however, B2C business view customer feedback as a “top of the list” priority.

The from businesses towards excellent customer service took place directly after the financial crash of 2008, where many people were left disenfranchised from the system of consumerism they had once loved to that of a more mindful one. Consumers unknowingly had more power as they would search for bargains coupled with value for money. This phenomenon then led to consumers wanting better customer service and support in all purchases.

Consumers leave reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor or Amazon, giving valuable feedback to other customers of the future. Although some of this feedback is not genuine and can be reactionary to a perceived bad experience in a Hotel or restaurant and so on, businesses could now collate online reviews and make improvements.



Customer Feedback in Real-Time

Every business needs customer feedback to improve the quality of product and service. One of the digital tools that can be used to gather customer and employee feedback is the customer feedback terminal. These modern terminals usually consist of a kiosk (to afford privacy) equipped with a touch screen or screen linked to a keyboard.

A typical example of a simple but effective terminal is at gas stations and shopping outlets, where you simply press an emoji as you leave the store. Businesses can feedback this information to their central offices and look at making improvements.

Companies can then ask customers or employees to fill out questionnaires that are specific to their needs or asked to perform other tasks that will provide their views on products, performance or different facets of the business.

The data from these terminals are gathered and analyzed and can contribute to the ongoing analysis of feedback.

Customer feedback terminals are often placed at points of sale or service so that customers can provide feedback in real time immediately after and even during their accessing the product or service. The terminals are incorporated into web pages, social network and live chat forums, emails, and newsletters distributed to customers and employees.

Uses of Customer Feedback Terminals

The information gathered from customer feedback terminals contributes to a body of data that allows detailed analysis of the way in which customers or employees view products, services, and business overall. Such feedback is invaluable as it will enable the assessment of the quality of product or service. This evaluation feeds directly into decision-making regarding product development and purchase or service development.

Today’s social media make acquiring customer opinion easier than ever before. As well as the ease with which opinion can be given, customers have become acclimatized to being asked for their views and will often give them freely.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

A high number of consumers place great importance on their experience of service rather than the price they have to pay. Some consumers would agree that they are willing to pay a higher price for products and services if their customer service experience is better. Consumers are more likely to stay in a business that offers excellent customer service and addresses positively any concerns they raise.

The use of Customer Feedback Terminals provides direct feedback on what consumers think about their customer service experience.

The Effectiveness of Customer Feedback Terminals

Customer Feedback Terminals, regardless of their nature have demonstrated their effectiveness in gathering the views of consumers about their experiences. The results are available instantly and rapidly analyzed, and lessons learned applied.

The actionable nature of the information gleaned through Customer Feedback Terminal exercises means that a business can rapidly respond to customer requests, for example in improving customer service at the point of sale (POS) or service delivery. Flaws in products or services are highlighted, as are issued related to their delivery, distribution, and packaging.

Delivering positive customer service experience is an organic and ongoing process that thrives on customer feedback. That feedback needs to be continuously sought out and acted upon. By doing so, a business can improve, increase sales, nurture existing customers who will remain loyal and attract new ones.

Stay Fresh & Relevant

The best example of keeping up to date and ahead the trend is Facebook. They are always evolving, looking for new ways to improve and are not afraid to experiment. Sometimes their ideas are terrible, but for the most part, they have made very wise decisions about what their users (customers) want. By Doing this, they have remained fresh in a world that is continually evolving.


Don’t ever be afraid to change or change aspects of your business. You may find that by doing new things, branching out into new territory and exploring your potential. Your customers are your business. They are fickle just like all of us. They can change their mind at the drop of a hat. Your job as a business is to take of them as if they were your children. Remain fresh and always keep your customers in mind.



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