Cut Down Your Content Creation- Here’s Why?

About 88% of the online marketers rely on content marketing today, but do you know just 30% find their content marketing efforts effective at all?

In the last few years, the number of marketers indulged in content marketing has increased, and with it have increased the layers of unneeded verbiage that cost untold millions of productivity. I would say the concept of “more is better” has encouraged the respondents to get enough content in the marketplace so that the customers and prospects can’t help, but hear them.

Though one may still raise the question- “then why aren’t the customers listening to everyone?”

The answer is simple “Noise produced at a large scale is still considered as noise” and today’s customer is only ready to settle for the content that cuts through the clutter. For the audiences increasingly seeking relevant information, it is now compulsory to present the best answer in one piece of content than an ordinary solution in several.

That’s not all; there is a list of reasons that might compel you to cut down your content creation today, and adopt an effective content strategy that turns you into an effectual content machine.

Here, have a look…

Be A Smart Marketer

Just remember, every other competitor of yours can produce a vast amount of content, but the success begins with “being smart”. To be smart indulge in learning. Learn how to distribute your content strategically and effectively, know what’s trending in your field, and figure out what’s working and what’s not. Don’t waste your time and money by treading ahead with half knowledge. Create less, but create something that’s relevant and remarkable. That’s how you will have more time for the things that are really important.

Save Yourself From Diminishing Returns

As I mentioned earlier, today’s customer doesn’t have the time and patience to go through the long pieces you post in an effort to get noticed. Giving an extremely noisy content landscape that lacks relevance would only train your visitor to ignore you in future. In my opinion, it is obviously important to produce content, but one should be aware of the possibility of getting diminishing returns with increase in the volume. Creating the content that is well-researched and in-depth may require additional time and efforts, but would do more good than the less precise clutter any day.

Repurpose Instead Of Creating More Content

Marketers have understood that quality trumps over the quantity in the field of content marketing, and it could be leveraged across different platforms to generate the optimum from a similar piece of content. A piece of content created earlier can also work as an infographic or a slide share presentation, with links back to the full blog post. So, instead of wasting your precious efforts and time on creating large chunks of new content, adopt the formula of “rehash, repurpose, and reuse” to make the most out of your existing content.

When you do this, don’t forget to leverage upon a documented content plan, it will help you a lot to simplify your content creation & manage it efficiently.

Rely On User-Generated Content

Grab a paper, make a note- Brands that amplify the voice of their customers engage, communicate, and convert them better. Being a marketer, it is essential for you to know that talking about yourself all the time isn’t ideal, and also demands a whole lot of your time, money, and efforts. Instead of creating long chunks of text, target your customers with actionable strategies that compel them to share their own content. Quit sharing another rip of curated content every second hour, and indulge in establishing real relationships with your customers because they can actually lift your brand.

Attract Mobile Users

Do you know, 86% of B2B buyers use mobile phones “frequently” to look out for business-related content?

An Ideal Mobile Application Demands-

  • Crisp Stories That Include few words, but convincing visuals
  • Short Content That Loads Quickly
  • Single-Page Scrolling Experience

As per the 2015 comScore report, maximum time invested in digital media is through mobile apps. To not miss on reaching out bigger audience, as well as, to stimulate the purchasing decisions on the go, mobile has become the chief weapon of the marketers. Since almost half of the digital content is now consumed with the aid of mobiles, it is important to serve the “mobile-first” mentality with the content that is concise, crisp, and to-the-point.

The secret to creating an amazing mobile copy is to simply “write less and write better”. Mobile readers generally don’t have the required concentration and tend to get lost somewhere in the long clauses. Therefore, focus on creating short paragraphs! Also, create impactful, but concise headlines that can be easily viewed in a swift scan.

Final Take!

Whether you are running a bake shop, a law firm, or a technology start-up, content creation has become the “need of the hour” in order to upsurge the inbound traffic to your website. But now it is the time to ban blindly creating content for everything, instead take a deep breath and restyle your content marketing habits. These were some of the very good reasons why it’s time that you all must cut down on content creation.

With this, I take your leave hoping this post helps.
GoodLuck! Thanks for giving it a read.


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