Cutting Back On Cardio Made Me Healthier, Stronger, and Happier!

What exactly are we talking about when we use the term cardio? Cardiovascular exercise or aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that increases the work of the heart and lungs. Some forms of cardio exercise include walking, running, and jogging. For options on the best home-exercise equipment, click here.

Aerobic refers to an organism or tissue requiring the presence of air or free oxygen for life. The physical benefits of cardio exercise are plentiful. So, whatever you choose to do from running and walking, biking, swimming, rowing or getting on a cross elliptical trainer or Stairmaster; it is imperative that you just get started. Get started with some of these great youtube workout videos.

The key to sticking with an exercise routine and feeling happy is to find an activity that you enjoy doing. I personally dislike running (and not just a little). Therefore, I choose to walk and do weightlifting. No one is going to feel stronger, healthier and happier if they are doing something they despise.

Cutting Back On Cardio To Feel Healthier, Stronger, and Happier

This suggests that the best exercise for improved health and weight loss is whatever you enjoy and whatever you will keep doing. It is important to remember that to reap all the benefits of your cardio workout, that you sustain the exercise for at least 30 minutes, three or four times per week.

There may be a small advantage to a mixed routine, such as my walking and weightlifting combination. Out of curiosity or to prevent boredom, most people tend to incorporate different exercises they enjoy over time. The most important factor in weight loss is your diet; not exercise. So, as long as you get some kind of exercise, it doesn’t seem to be hugely significant what particular type it is. Find something you enjoy doing and keep with it.

Cutting Back On Cardio – Don’t Overdo It

Portrait of a young woman sitting in yoga pose at the beach
Portrait of a young woman sitting in yoga pose at the beach

Any exercise, if you overdo it, can be dangerous for you. You can overdo weight training just as easily as any cardio exercise. Not only can you overdo it, but your body may rebel and plateau or you may suffer an injury.

Perhaps it is time to abandon the “more is better” philosophy. More does not always mean better. However, without compromising, there are ways for you to enjoy cardiovascular exercise while still focusing on your health and your recovery time. Cut back on your cardio workout and incorporate some weightlifting, yoga, or take your dog for a walk.

Cardio is not necessarily healthy for everyone or that it is a requirement for physical fitness. Every person has a unique body structure, and different body types naturally fall into different exercise categories.

Some people do better with cardio than others, and that’s perfectly fine. Those people don’t have to do it. If you like cardio, go ahead and do it; just don’t overdo it. Before long, you will be feeling healthier, stronger, and happier!


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