Cyber Santa Claus: Top 10 Super Advanced Technologies Santa Needs To Deliver Your Present for Christmas


Your children may already wonder how Santa Claus delivers gifts to more than 1-Billion kids all over the world during Christmas eve. Sure, you can always use the old Christmas Magic trick to explain that, but then again, wouldn’t it be great if Santa could make use of the most amazing and high-tech gadgets our generation can come up with instead?

We came up with the following scenario:

    • Santa receives billions of letters from children around the world, but how could he possibly read all of them and choose the right gift for every kid? Well, what if he used a $800-millionChinese supercomputer combined with a neural network emulating Santa’s brain?

    • Delivering the gifts to every child in one day? Not a problem if you use Amazon delivery drones redesigned as Gift-O-Copters.

    • And what about the elves? We could equip them with powerful exoskeletons to multiply their manufacturing capabilities.



A little research, and a lot of Sci-fi inspiration after, we came-up with even more inspiring ideas and compiled them into an infographic. It turns out it would only take about $227 billion to gather all the gear Santa requires. It’s not as much as it would seem, barely the combined net worth of the world’s 3 richest men.


[embedit snippet=”santa-tech-infographic”]

You can also  find the infographic here:


Prepare to be amazed, and don’t forget — be nice!



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