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Dazzled By A Shinier Toy, huh?  Stay The Course

When I first started out in the Executive Search BIZ many moons ago, I recall being delivered the truth by a number of veterans in the business that I was in for a tough ride.

I remember being overwhelmed by their brutal honesty but was up for the challenge nonetheless.  You see, I had hit a mini “Rock Bottom” at the time and I really had nothing to lose and so I told myself that I had to make it stick and that I would give it my all for at least 1 year, regardless of the Good, Bad & the Ugly, and I did.

It was this desperation in retrospect that was actually my Saving’s Grace in disguise.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy, in fact it was tough and I experienced quite the rollercoaster of emotions as it was a Commissioned job.  But, the rent had to get paid come hell or high water and I made a decision that quitting was not an option.

Thankfully I didn’t quit, because within my first year, I doubled my salary from the previous Job I got fired from in the Financial Services Industry.  Can someone say, Winning!


I can recall many other Recruiters giving into the pressure and quitting along the way getting dazzled by other jobs that provided them more stability when the going went rough and don’t get me wrong, it was probably the best decision for them in their instance.  But there I stood, the “Last of the Mohicans”, sticking it out to the very end.

I also observed that some would leave the industry in a huff to take on something else, or what appeared to be “Shinier” and then return with their tail tucked between their legs to try once again.  You see the Search business is addictive, and once you get the bug, it’s hard to walk away, go figure I’ve been going at it for over a decade.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make.  Had I of quit when the going was tough, I would not have succeeded to the point of running my own business one day.  And yet, there were so many other offers that were presented to me over the years, with great salaries, benefits, car allowances and a load of stability.

But you wanna know what?  I chose to stay the course because I found something that I had a knack for and that I believed in.

You see, it’s so easy for us to get distracted when we feel pain or when it gets tough, thinking that instant gratification will ease the challenge.  But what we don’t realize is that it’s just a temporary fix and Real success comes from commitment.

Take the farmer for example.  A farmer plants his seeds with a certainty that the harvest will arrive.  He does not fret about the varying weather conditions that come with it, rather, he prepares for it ahead of time knowing that the harvest will occur.

What the farmer doesn’t do is abandon his crops to chase after a shinier, Corporate job with loads of perks to ease the pain of his impatience.  Quite the contrary, he remains resolute, without distraction, until his crops appear.

It’s the same in Entrepreneurship.  You have to have the tenacity, werewithal and the “stickwithitness” to really, reap the rewards.  In truth, you will also have to learn to befriend boredom on occasion because you will not be on a high every, single day.

For what I’ve learnt, is that a lot of it is repetitive stuff, while perfecting the details with love and excellence.  This rare, quality of Consistency, is what distinguishes the Winners from the Quitters.  And Success is a Marathon, not a Sprint.

So for those of you who are currently running your own business or aspiring to have one, always remember that it was the Tortoise that won the race in the end not the Hare.

Make a commitment to be the best that you can Be and stick around for one heck of a ride.

Wishing you loads of Success,


Abby McDonald has coached and interviewed many people over the past 13 years in the Executive Search business and has developed a love and passion for helping women to discover who they “Really Are” in both their Life & Career.  Her latest business venture is www.talkwithabby.com, a spiritually infused, inspirational site offering Life & Career coaching services as well as providing a platform for Advice for those who seek it.



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