Defeat Resistance

beat-r“Many of us have two lives. The one we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.” [Steven Pressfield]


When I first read Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art, last year, those 2 sentences hit home.


I knew exactly what he meant – about having the dreams and plans ‘inside’ and not always doing what is needed to realise them. Talking to friends and colleagues about their experiences, I’ve realised it’s a very common problem, but – here’s the good news – it can be solved.

You can defeat resistance and be a winner!

Resistance affects many areas

  • Creative projects
  • Business building
  • New exercise and healthy eating plans
  • Our walk with God
  • Relationships
  • Studying/writing essays
  • Making a stand for what we know is right
  • Getting involved in community/charitable projects
  • Projects around the house

Anything that you might be able to add to this list

Know the enemy

Truth is, Resistance is far from futile – it’s a strong, overwhelming force that can knock us off our path, overcome our hopes and dreams and leave us reeling in despair and futility with our self-esteem in tatters. Over time, it can become a vicious cycle – we procrastinate or give into our fears or self-doubts and we feel a failure which makes taking the right action at the right time harder so we feel more of a failure…… and on it goes.

Slowly over time, not taking the right actions at the right time becomes a habit.

You know how Resistance operates – every time you go to start, something stops you, You don’t feel like it, the weather’s wrong, you should hoover and do another load of washing first, the car needs something doing to it, blah blah blah.

It might look a little different each time, but basically it’s all Resistance. The result is the same – stuff doesn’t get done – whether it’s running, eating well, writing another chapter, making business contacts.

Resistance is the enemy! It is the enemy of your life, your success, your purpose and your destiny!

You know when it’s got you in thrall.

Your plans aren’t happening, your work isn’t happening, your progress isn’t happening.

Don’t be fooled – You can defeat Resistance

Resistance might shout loudly and fill our heads with ‘you can’t’, ‘not now, do it later,’ ‘this isn’t gonna work, it’s not worth doing’ and other variations on the same theme, but the truth is, Resistance is all talk. It has little substance. A toothless lion, if you will.

It’s important for you to grasp this, because it is incredibly important, so important that Resistance doesn’t want you to know it and will fight to stop you implementing it.

It can be defeated!


[drum roll]

“Action Always Defeats Resistance!” [N.M.Franklyn]

What to do to defeat Resistance

Decide that this is a battle you are going to win.

Accept that it will take a while – there’s no magic bullet.

Commit to creating new habits.

Start small – decide that you will work on a task for a short period of time (even if it’s only 5 minutes) and do it. Then give yourself a small reward :) Then go back and do another 5 minutes or 15 minutes – whatever you’ve decided. Then have another reward/break. Keep this pattern going.

Alternatively – decide that you are going to devote 90 minutes first thing every morning to work and do it. Set a timer so that you can see the time counting down :) Then when you’ve finished, give yourself a little treat.

Work on your tasks/projects every day – build new habits

Know the benefits of what you are working to achieve – this will inspire and motivate you

Forget perfectionism – do the very best you can right now.

Find an accountability partner. Choose someone you can trust, who will support and encourage you to stay on track.

Seek out someone who is attempting to do the same as you – either in real life or through the internet – and join forces to share the journey together.

Keep remembering that you can defeat Resistance and be a winner – it is possible and there is no reason why you can’t overcome Resistance!

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