Defining Your Dream

Here’s the thing, most people who dream fall into one of these categories:

Can’t remember what is what about

Woke too soon before it fully unfolded

Don’t have a clue as to what it meant

Dreams, like other things in life require attention, even nurture to fully see them through. There’s a lot of talk about living the dream, dreaming the dream, being the dream and even designing the dream, but if you can’t DEFINE the dream, how will you live it, dream it, be it, or design it?

Take a deep breath and relax.

This makes much more sense when coupled with a good cup of Java or a splendid glass of wine. Keep a note taking source with you at all times so that when thoughts and impressions run rampant, you can capture them before they turn to mist and fade away. A dream is only as good as the dreamer’s memory. We lose sight of our goals and feel defeated or at best like we’re spinning our wheels, confused, and uncertain which path to take because we somehow have not mastered the ability to define our dream.

It’s a proven fact that a person can retain the definition of a word, correct spelling of a word and use that word in context consistently if they look it up themselves as opposed to someone merely telling them. So it is with dreams (visions, goals). When we invest first in defining the dream and remembering the dream, we can set attainable goals that will propel us closer to the realization of that dream.

Have a seat on the porch, define your dream for me and let’s talk


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