Design Your Own Life Plan

Design Your Own Life Plan

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.” ―Jim Rohn

You are the Author of Your Life

Our life is like a book. Some chapters are good and some chapters are bad. Every day adds a new page to our overall journey. Until the final sentence has been written, there’s still time to change the story. As we turn the pages, we live through an array of emotions, actions, and situations. We have our ups and downs. We laugh, we cry, we win, we lose, we falter, and we grow strong.

When you are on the last page, what will your book say about you? Will it be powerful and compelling or will it be full of pages that didn’t have much of an impact to you? If you don’t like how the story is unfolding, change it. What is done, is done. You cannot rewrite it but you can start a new chapter. Everything that has happened up until this point has set the stage, now build on that and create something new.

What makes a good book?

It takes the reader on a compelling journey. Our life is a journey. Here’s three things to consider as you start writing new chapters. A good book has:

An interesting voice. Give yourself a voice.The voice is what carries you through the story. It permeates every page, paragraph, and sentence. How you express yourself is a direct reflection upon how people experience who you are and what you represent. This is true both at work and at home. Your voice defines you. Don’t let your individuality be misrepresented because your voice does not communicate what is really on your mind.

Memorable characters. You may be the main character in your book but a book is also filled with other memorable characters. Memorable characters make the story come alive. They’re distinctive to every book and they make us feel emotions. They help us to see the world in new ways. Who do you surround yourself with in life that gives you a different perspective?

A gripping story. Make them laugh and make them cry. This is, however, subjective. What is gripping to one may not be gripping to another. It makes no difference what elements play into what a gripping story means to you, the point is that it’s exciting to you. You’re invested in the plot and in the characters. You are living an engaged life and sometimes you stay just want to stay up until 2:00 a.m. because you are not ready to put the book down.

It doesn’t matter what chapter or phase of the book you are in because each day presents another opportunity to write something new. It’s up to you. This is your life legacy. How will your story read?

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