Designing Peace – Simplicity


This time, I want to talk about the concept of simplifying. No matter what kind of business or home I step into, simplifying is at the core of everything that I do. Take the PDR approach as an example. Purge. Donate. Repurpose.. right? The end result of PDR is that my client will have a simplified home and ultimately and simplified life. This doesn’t mean that all their troubles will go away or that life will stop throwing anyone curveballs, but that they now have the right tools and techniques that I have left them with to tackle life.

So don’t be afraid of clutter! Do not fear crazy closets or buried offices—we can do it together.

Closets are often the place we like to stuff things in. Closets are usually clutter central and we usually accept that it’s OK for it to be cluttered.

PicMonkey Collage

Closets can be our right-hand tool in the house – always there for you to store the extra stuff that you will need later but it is important to remember that even our closet needs to be simplified! Once that is simplified, the rest of the storage units in the house can be simplified as long as you know where everything goes.

Simplicity is one of the main components of not only my PDR approach but in how I help clients with whatever they may need. Let me support you in your organization endeavors (whether they be physical organization or life organization) today!



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