Being a parent isn’t easy. Keeping my children well taken care of so they are happy, healthy, and thriving is one of the most important things I can do. Being a mother has been a blessing, and I want to make sure I always treat my children with the best products, love, and care. That’s why it’s always frustrating when I think I’ve found good skincare items to use but realize they’re actually full of tons of irritants.

2016-05-24 15.15.03-1I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to use products that are designed with a baby’s delicate skin in mind. Even though there are tons of products on the market, most are filled with harsh chemicals and ingredients that leave their skin dry and cracked instead of soft and smooth. The term soft as a baby’s bottom doesn’t apply when eczema and red, irritated skin strike. Anytime my baby is uncomfortable she makes sure I know it too. Sadly, she is the one with eczema so I have to take extra steps to make sure I keep it at bay. Because of that, I always make sure to look for all-natural and soothing lotions, washes, and balms. Luckily, I’ve discovered a fantastic line of products that have become an essential in my diaper bag – Skinfix!

Skinfix Keeps Diaper Rash at Bay and Soothes Baby’s Bum

Skinfix is a natural product that is free of all harsh chemicals. It comes from a century-old family recipe which means it is not only perfect for dry skin, but it is also time-tested and used over and over again as a remedy for irritated skin. Eczema, diaper rash, chafing, and cracked skin are just a few of the things that it helps keep away. The Gentle Baby Collection is specifically designed for a baby’s sensitive skin. I like to keep all the products on hand at all times to make sure I never run out. I even put them in travel size dispensers so I have some in the diaper bag and my car as well as the changing table.

Skinfix can be used from head to toe to solve all your baby’s dry skin problems. The 2016-05-24 15.16.23gentle hair and body wash is soft and gentle on even the dirtiest messes, but it doesn’t dry out or damage the skin. The gentle lotion is perfect for right before bedtime when moisturizing is a must. I prefer to keep the eczema balm and diaper rash balm in my diaper bag and another set on my changing table. I never want to be without it.

The best part about Skinfix? It’s easy to find so if I do run out I can run to my local Target or CVS stores and look for the baby aisle.


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