Diary of a “Mad” Entrepreneur

Entry # 1 – April 4, 2012

One must be a bit unique to be an entrepreneur. Yet so many of us are entrepreneurs with start-ups, small businesses, angel investments, advisory roles, board positions and maybe just living with an entrepreneur. How many of us are there in the U.S.? Worldwide? There is the adage about entrepreneurs – “High risk, high reward”. Does this adage still apply as more and more of us declare ourselves entrepreneurs?

Regardless of risk level, I am an entrepreneur and an angel investor. Very successful is a NY/NJ start-up wine distributor in which I invested in 2010 and serve on their Board. My other entrepreneurial initiatives include working with small businesses on their business development, chairing an angel group and being on the steering committee of another angel group, serving on boards of profit firms and non-profits and always listening to other entrepreneurs…figuring out how we can learn from one another. It results in “high rewards” in the form of relationships, intellectual stimulation, new industries, social media expertise…and some money.

Now most of my time is spent on our start-up – BoardmyBiz.com – along with my partners, Bill Bubenicek and Rod Smyth. And our contractor for Digital PR, Gabe Stuart. Each of them is also an entrepreneur with several business interests. In fact, each has been an entrepreneur since graduating from college. From their experiences, each of them knows the value of business advisors. I contribute the diversity as a woman with gray hair, a prior corporate career and possibly, more energy for socializing/making connections.

We decided early on that for the re-launch (Bill actually started without us in 2010) of BoardmyBiz.com, we would utilize our own site and guidance to build our BoardmyBiz.com advisory board. And that I would document and share the process. The result – Diary of a “Mad” Entrepreneur. There are now are 1000 on our email listing and over 200 business owners, advisors and professional service providers active on the site. Enough of a community that we feel comfortable beginning our search for advisors.

Building an advisory board is not a quick process so look forward to many postings over the next several weeks and months. Via these “Diary” blog postings, I will be sharing each step along the way…why a board, expertise we need to complement our skills, the value proposition, sourcing potential advisors, the deal…culminating in enhanced business results.

Till the next “Diary” entry….

Kathy Murray


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