5 Top Social Media Sites + 3 More for Digital Marketing Domination!

Digital Marketing Domination
Digital Marketing Domination

 Digital Marketing Domination

Friends, most of you know what social media is many of you even have the idea that it is important for your overall marketing strategy.

This post summarizes the Top 5 social media sites you need to understand so that, depending on your customer base, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to spend the time, effort and money needed to make them bright, shiny bottom line contributors.

I will start with the top 5 social media sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and MySpace) and end with two that cannot be ignored — Google+ and YouTube — and one personal favorite — Instagram — that will round out your strategy and make it fun.

Full disclosure: Getting up-to-date statistics on social media is hard. The numbers change every month and the user base changes at least yearly. In other words, read this article — QUICK — before you are LinkedIn but left behind.

The Top 5 Social Media Sites

  1. Facebook
    How many: 750,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors.
    Who: Everybody plus your mother’s uncle (58% women)
    Why you care: Facebook is still the best all around site for brand building and lead generating.
    Pro tip: Because Facebook is a very crowded online space, this is the place to engage people with posts that stand out — and not too many. Aim for one post per day.
  2. Twitter
    How many: 250,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors.
    Who: 62% women, black, urban, young
    Why you care: Twitter is a great way to build relationships and establish a brand.
    Pro tip: Unlike Facebook, Twitter is the place to be active at least 3 to 4 times per day. Share some of your own content, but also be sure to share other people’s content using a mention, which is their handle (e.g., @annacolibri).
  3. LinkedIn
    How many: 110,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors.
    Who: 54% men, white, educated, affluent
    Why you care: LinkedIn is your go to for lead generation.
    Pro tip: Research LinkedIn Groups, choose 3 to 5 that match your brand and business goals. Plan to spend 15 minutes per day commenting and following up. Show your expertise by sharing thoughtful content and making informed comments.
  4. Pinterest
    How many: 85,000,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors.
    Who: 70% women, white, educated
    Why you care: Pinterest is not only fun, but it helps you tell your brand story.
    Pro tip: Set up a board based on your blog’s subject. Pin images from your blog posts with links to your website to generate traffic.
  5. MySpace
    How many: 70,500,000 estimated Unique Monthly Visitors.
    Who: Mostly dead people
    Why you care: You don’t. Not really.
    Pro tip: Spend your time elsewhere.

Seriously. MySpace, even with its redesign, is not a site that is attracting new people or dynamic users. It is the social media zombie equivalent. No offense Justin.

Digital Marketing Domination

MySpace may be a zombie, but there are many other vibrant social media sites on the rise. Here are three I think or important or, in the case of Instagram, just plain fun.

  • Google+Google+ user base is 64% male, younger than the social media average and tech savvy. Although it serves the same basic function as Facebook, the fact that it is part of the Google System means it can’t be ignored. As well, it has special features like hangouts that will, over time, become easier and more convenient to use.
  • YouTubeVideo is becoming more and more popular as people find ways to create short and engaging material. YouTube is not high brow, but gems can be found, and housed, on your YouTube channel.
  • InstagramI’ll just admit it right now: I love Instagram. It is the social media channel that allows you to feel like an artist even if you think you “can’t draw.”Popular among women, blacks and latinos, Instagram is the fastest growing social media channel of 2013. Use Instagram to connect with followers on other major networks to create a cross channel experience.

Let your inner artist out!

Your Turn

How do you use the top 5 social media sites (and beyond) to market your brand or just have a good time?


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