Be a Digital Nomad: How to Work from Anywhere

Until recently, working remotely simply wasn’t possible for most people. The 21st century has changed that. Wireless networks, public Wi-Fi, and incredibly capable mobile devices have made it possible to work from nearly anywhere. On buses and subways, in coffee shops and delis, and at public libraries, you will inevitably see students, professionals, and business owners working away on a laptop or tablet. And you might just be thinking, how can I do that? It’s easier than you might think. Here are ways that you can work from anywhere.

Work from Anywhere

In order to work reliably off-site, you will need reliable and capable equipment. This is particularly true if you currently work on-site and are petitioning your boss for the option to work from home. Among the items and tools you should invest in include:

Cell Phone: A modern smartphone is a phone, computer, video conference machine, and email reader in one. An argument could certainly be made that a smartphone may just be more important than an actual computer when it comes to working remotely. You likely already have one, so consider this step done!

Cloud Storage: Storing company data on your private laptop is ill-advised. If your laptop goes missing or becomes stolen, this data could end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, if you don’t have access to your local device, you don’t have access to your files. Instead, rely on a robust cloud storage solution, like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. The benefits of these services are numerous.

Professional Attire: Always have a work-appropriate outfit available, even when working remotely. You may be summoned into a Skype meeting or in-person meeting at the last minute; if you aren’t dressed appropriately, it reflects poorly on you and your company.

Reliable Internet: If you want to work remotely, you will need Internet access. Unfortunately, finding reliable Internet service can be a challenge, so get a good data plan for your smartphone (especially when traveling abroad). And don’t worry about data or minutes. Carriers like T-Mobile offer plans with unlimited data abroad in 140+ countries, so you have instant access without roaming fees.

Shared Workspace: You may be inclined to work from your local coffee shop at first, but you will likely find that there are too many distractions. Instead, consider a shared workspace, like WeWork. The benefit of such a workspace is that you are with other professionals in a professional environment. Not only will you be able to work more effectively, you can network as well.

Ways to Make Money around the World

Of course, the ultimate dream of working remotely for many is to make money from anywhere in the world. If you work remotely, it’s entirely feasible that you can work for a company in New York while residing in Paris (Texas or France). The trick is to find the right line of work, as some disciplines are more remote-friendly than others. Here are some ideas:

Online Post-secondary Teachers: There are an increasing number of online colleges, all of which are in demand of qualified teachers. If you have a teaching background or a degree in a suitable field, you may be able to teach for one of these online schools, from anywhere you please. The benefits of online schooling apply to teachers just as much as they do the students.

Freelance Writer: Many large companies outsource writing tasks to freelancers. And this is because hiring a writer full-time often isn’t feasible; the demand for new content simply isn’t sufficient to justify a full-time employee. As a freelancer, use your network and call upon sites like Freelancer and Constant Content to find writing contracts – you may be surprised how many there are.

IT Virtual Assistant: So long as they are able to access a client’s server, application, or website remotely, there is no need for IT professionals to be on-site. In fact, of all of the professions here, an IT assistant may be the most natural fit for a remote position. If you are in information technology, leverage your skillset to work away from the office.

Arm Yourself with the Right Tools

Working remotely can transform your quality of life and job satisfaction. If you have contemplated how to do so, put these tips to work for you and take the next step in your career. Ask people you know who work remotely and travel how they make it work, and take their advice to heart. You can work remotely (from the beach!) too – it’s simply a matter of doing.


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