Digital Overwhelm? Find Your Filters.

Don't let digital overwhelm stop you from getting the benefits of digital literacy

I have a friend who’s not very into digital life. Whenever she opens her email it’s flooded by spam and she can’t find anything valuable in there. So she just avoids it.  Do you know someone like that?

In this video clip from the GlobalNiche program, I talk about the historic firehose of information coming at us these days. I know, it’s overwhelming!

However, it does not have to be. The burden to make sense of it lies with us. That’s a big part of digital literacy. Committing to finding your filters delivers a huge reward. Any time you spend experimenting with filters will take you a step closer to truly getting what you need, and enjoying it too.

We each need to create a system to master the influx and outgo of information. One size doesn’t fit all. Experiment with filters until you find the ones that deliver what you want to know, and block out the material you can’t use.

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Some examples of a few free filters I use to keep my inbox manageable: for my email newsletters (it’s helped me unsubscribe to 300 newsletters, and ‘roll-up’ into one mail all the rest for regular delivery. I don’t have to tell you how those email list subscriptions seem to creep up… just let me know I’d subscribed to 45 more lists last week!) Email rules to direct incoming mail directly to folders. I also adjust all the filters on my LinkedIn and Facebook groups to “no mail”. To peruse Twitter feeds by interest area, I rely on hashtags and Twitter lists, and one day I’ll actually start using my Hootsuite account too.

Are you experimenting with digital filters? Which ones work best for you, and why?

ANASTASIA ASHMAN is a digital strategist for global personal branding. As cofounder of, she equips individuals & groups to reach offline goals through your online presence.



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