11 Digital Resources You Can Use Today — Paid and Free

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Fall Productivity

We are back to school and ready to go: Or are we? Here some digital resources that you can use that will help you feel ready to rock and produce (erm, roll!).

Some are web classics, others are relatively unknown.

All are used by me daily — if not by the minute.

Take a look and see what you can use.

Productivity Apps and Plugins

  1. Google. Free. I love Google. I use Google Hangouts on Air both professionally and personally. They are great because you can get a little fancy and record your hangouts, thus creating instant content to upload to YouTube (perfect for most social media marketing strategies). And Google offers much, much more that you are probably already using, such as cloud-based documents, presentation materials and spreadsheets, as part of their Google Drive package. And, let’s not forget the Google Keyword Planner and Web Analytics for when it’s time to up your game. Truly a free resource. Follow the link, above, to find (almost) a million more paid and free apps.
  2. HootSuite. Freemium. I use the free version of HootSuite and I love it. Using HootSuite allows me to keep, especially Twitter mentions, from falling through the cracks while letting me see key social media profiles in one place. Using HootSuite for scheduling allows you to schedule your posts when you know your audience is online. Finally, HootSuite provides a searchable record of what you’ve done online all in one place. It’s helpful to see where you’ve been to know where you’re going!
Twylah. Paid. Twylah combines the power of Twitter with the power of Buffer (see below) to help you create your Twitter brand (and, by extension, the rest of your brand), analyze your data, and curate tweets. I don’t pay for many apps, but this one has helped me save time and, by extension, money.
  4. Buffer. Freemium. Buffer lets you schedule tweets and other posts and also automates when your updates go out. It integrates with Twylah, above, to assure that your tweets go out when you want them to.
  5. Tweriod. Freemium. But when do you want them to go out? The answer to this question could be a very long blog post, indeed, but here are a couple of tips: Use the free version of Tweriod to check out when your tweets get the most traction. Then, use your other analytics, such as the new Facebook Insights, to see when your other social media sites are performing best. The best part? You can export automatically to Buffer and rest assured your tweet timing is optimized.
  6. Triberr. Freemium. Triberr is a blog amplification platform that you can integrate right into your WordPress blog. Part social network, Triberr helps you extend the reach of your blog while you build connections and community around your blog.
  7. Dropbox. Freemium. Dropbox allows you to work in the cloud and share files. Dropbox is friendly and easy to use.
  8. Akismet. Paid. This is a little gem that saves you time and trouble practically without your knowing it. Askimet filters spam on your WordPress site and that’s it. Using Askimet spares you endless comment cleanup and that, my friends, is worth the $5/month price tag.
  9. WordPress SEO by Yoast. Free. This is another productivity gem. There are other SEO plugins, true, but Yoast is a popular favorite that gets the job done with an easy interface and is familiar to many people. Practically an industry standard.
  10. Evernote. Free. A popular cloud-based note-taking system, Evernote allows you to sync your notes across all of your devices. You can also tag your notes for easy searching later, take pictures, share notes, encrypt notes (for privacy) and much, much more. In fact, Evernote has a loyal following that has created whole organizational systems around it. If that’s too much, just enjoy the fact that you can record a voice note on the go knowing it will be available on your desktop when you get home.
  11. Rapportive. Free. This little app works with your email in-box to allow you to connect with new email contacts on social media as well as track recent email interactions and social media updates. Convenient.

Your Turn

My hope for you is a happy and productive Fall! If you have favorites to add to this list, please do. We can all use a little more stress free productivity!


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