Dipper, Diver or Dreamer?

Toes in the Water


When it comes to trying new things, people seem to have one of three responses.They either sample the novelty in steps, jump in and try the experience or dream about trying it.


Did you ever watch a young child learning to swim? Some would be so hesitant even though they wanted to enjoy the water. They sat on the edge of the pool and stuck maybe their toe, or even their legs in the water. Maybe they eventually got themselves into the water that day, but often it was days later before they even waded up to their waist. But no matter how long it took, they became swimmers.


Then there are the ones who run with wild abandonment straight into the pool. They almost need a harness to keep them from diving right into the deepest part. They kick and flail but all the while seem to enjoy every moment. It still may take them awhile to learn the mechanics of swimming but it certainly won’t be because they are afraid to get into the pool.


Finally there are those who simply cannot even bear to get a little wet. They are terrified of the unknown, afraid they won’t be successful, worried they might not survive. They don’t care who promises to support them; they don’t trust anyone and are certain the water wants to swallow them up. They look wistfully at their swimming comrades and wonder why the same is not happening for them. They want to swim, but believe they never can. Their fear is paralyzing and robs them of an experience they really want.


Starting a new venture is much the same. Some people begin by trying a little of this or a bit of that. They get their feet wet and maybe little by little sample more of the territory. Others move at a faster pace and dive in with both feet ready to learn whatever they need to be successful and they don’t want to stop until they are.


English: A male diver performs a reverse dive ...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So are you a dipper or a diver? It really is okay to be either as long as it works for you. Maybe you are trying your new venture in small baby steps gradually becoming more comfortable as you gain skills. Maybe you have jumped into the deep end and are learning how to stay afloat by sheer will power and determination as you navigate the new territory.


Think about how you handle new experiences, new circumstances, obstacles, detours, changes. You probably have a signature style that either embraces the experience wholeheartedly and begins to make the best of it, or becomes comfortable gradually but perhaps not without a bit of hesitation, anxiety or fear.


Whether you are a dipper or a diver, you can create a plan for your success.


But, that’s much harder to do if you are a dreamer.


You see, a dreamer wants what a dipper or diver experiences, but is too fearful to move beyond the dream, too terrified to try something different, too anxious to take some steps. A dreamer can only create a plan for success by becoming a dipper or a diver and the very thought of that is sometimes so overwhelming to a dreamer that they never do more than dream.


There’s nothing wrong with having a dream but remember:  Unless you actually get in the water, you can’t call yourself a swimmer.


So where will 2015 take you? Is this the year you will do more than just dream about doing something you want to do, or are you ready to finally get those toes in the water or jump off the diving board.






Is it time to stop dreaming and start doing? Is Your action plan really an inaction plan?


How many times have you missed your opportunity because you kept dreaming about being the dipper or diver but never got in the water?


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