Discover YOU: Finding Your Passion

One of the worst feelings to have as an adult is confusion about career direction or next steps in life. Nobody teaches you about passion, and how it can change your life.. Why didn’t someone sit us down and tell us that this was an important factor in happiness? Not having passion often causes confusion and depression.. Who do you turn to? What steps do you take?

Let’s start with what Passion is. Passion- is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. This feeling is truly amazing and no one should give up or stop looking for it. I wanted to give you five tips to finding your passion aka “Discovering You”

1. Make List: Writing and putting things into perspective will start to make your vision clear. Get a special journal dedicated to this journey or download the Evernote App to create a journal. Start simple and make  three list one for skills, careers, and hobbies. Under each title you will write down things you’re good at,  can’t live without, or things you want to explore.  On the top of every page  that you are using in your journal  find and copy one quote about either passion, dreams, and never giving up. Before you start each list try to   read and repeat each quote. These lists are for your eyes only don’t be scared, just write and get it down on paper. When you get free moments throughout the day read/edit each list. Remember positive thoughts will create a positive outcome. Which brings me to our next tip.

2. Positive energy: It is important to have positive people and items around you every day. Purchase a book or download an app about starting over/motivation. Keep this for the days that you feel completely lost. Next find one person that you can count on to give you a pick me up when feeling down. This can be a friend, coworker, or even a social media network.

3. Find a hobby: You might be surprised a hobby is a good way  find the passion burning inside. Remember to schedule in time to focus on this hobby at least once every week. Consistency and excitement are key. If you keep this up for thirty days its time to evaluate yourself, because this is a great accomplishment. Rate your passion for this from 1-10 . Can you make an income off of this? If your answer is no, that’s okay, not every passion is a career change. . Remember finding your passion sometimes is just part of finding your happiness.

4. Stay Inspired: This is important in your journey. Staying inspired will fill you up, and help you to keep fighting for your passion/happiness. A simple thing you can do is create a gallery of pictures on your phone or if you feel real crafty use magazines etc. Create an album entitled “Inspiration”. In this album you should have pictures of things that really inspire you IE. beautiful destinations, wonderful artwork, future home, etc. Make sure weekly you update or edit pictures. Use this as a tool to keep your heart racing. Also, stay around people that are doing what you would like to do. They will inspire you to keep going.

5. Never Give up: Simply put. Life is a journey and you owe it to yourself to keep pushing. Enjoy the happy moments and embrace the sad ones. Focusing on the why’s will not bring you to the solution. Always keep in mind “There are many things in life that will catch your eye, But only a few will catch your




Kayla is the founder of IFP Inc which focuses on marketing & branding for entrepreneurs. She believes everyone has a vision and she is the one to help you bring it to light.  Be on the look out for her new blog site I Feel Pretty Inc. which will focus on motivating women to redefine pretty and become the best YOU possible. Contact and follow Kayla on  twitter .


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