My husband has great teeth. I think he has had exactly one cavity in his whole life. Although he’s good about taking care of his teeth, he has nothing on me. I floss, brush, and use special rinses like a mad woman. Yet, I’m the one with lots of fillings and crowns. As a consequence, I’m always looking for new and better ways to avoid more dental work.

2016-07-19 08.52.06About a year ago,  I read a headline about a Silicon Valley startup producing an innovative toothpaste geared towards disrupting the toothpaste market. Of course, I had to click through and learn more.   In the article, I learned that there was a study that showed that  Livionex Dental Gel was more than 2x better at controlling overnight plaque buildup when used just like normal toothpaste, at night and again in the morning.  I also learned that Livionex Dental Gel doesn’t use the same abrasives and detergents like traditional toothpaste. It actually uses a film that prevents plaque from sticking to your teeth.

My only misgiving about trying it was the price.  At $20 a tube it seemed pretty expensive relative to what I got at the drugstore. But I as intrigued.  I needed to learn more. I Googled Livionex and I went on their website to look at the reviews. The reviews actually went back several years. Long enough time for people to try it out and also get feedback from their dentists. I thought about how I regularly splurge on makeup and hair products, why not my teeth? So about a year ago I ordered my first tube. I had one of my semi-annual cleanings coming up in a couple months so I figured I would try it out for a while and see what the dentist had to say.

In addition to working differently, brushing with Livionex Dental Gel is a little different too. Since it doesn’t 2016-07-18 13.29.51contain detergents like typical toothpaste it doesn’t foam up. In fact, it’s so slippery it can slide off your toothbrush if you aren’t careful. I now wet my toothbrush and then add the gel so it doesn’t slip off. Also,  I use an electronic toothbrush, so I generally put the gel on my toothbrush and spread it on my teeth before I ever turn the brush on. Lastly, the minty flavor in Livionex is very mild when compared to traditional drugstore toothpaste. It is actually so mild  that my young son (firmly in the anti-mint camp) will actually brush with it.  Other mint toothpastes are so strong he completely refuses.  Fast forward two months to my dentist appointment; I got rave remarks from the hygienist and my dentist.

I’ve been using Livionex Dental Gel for over a year now and was thrilled to be asked by Livionex to share my experience with it. I am also excited to share a 10% Discount on Livionex Dental Gel (Tube) and LivFree (Pump) on the Company Website and Amazon for all purchases before August 21st.  To take advantage of the offer use discount code EVE10JUL directly from Livionex here or on the Amazon LivFree product page here or on the Amazon Livionex Dental Gel product page here

To learn more about Livionex check out all the great information they supply on their website and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

More information can be found at It can be purchased on the website or at

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Livionex. The opinions and text are all mine.



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