Ditch the goals. Do this instead

Stop Hoping for the Best and Create the Best
Last month I attended  an event call Create Your Dream Year in 2014 hosted by Terri Cole and Patricia Moreno.  It was the ideal event to get you motivated and ready for all things great in 2014.

Each speaker was asked to share their dark story and how they overcame it.  Hearing some of the stories made me seem like I wasn’t alone.  We all have dark stories that we have overcome and put behind us.  One story I related to was Kate Northrup’s.  In short, she was in business with her mom, wanted more but was hesitant to get out and create her own business. She was happy being the one to run the business while her mom was the face & brand.

I relate to the fear of putting yourself out there and not feeling like you have everything to be successful.  Kate’s now fiancee told her she has everything within her to do the business on her own.

In business we so focus our lives on GOALS.   We create so many monthly and quarterly goals for just about everything…

    • growing your mailing list size

    • growing your social media community

    • how many events to attend per week

    • how many sales calls to have per month

    • revenue goals and the number of programs you should sell each month

When we don’t meet these goals it can seem like we are failures, experience a dark moment, and just want to settle for what you currently have.

I am not saying goals aren’t good to have.  I have tons goals in my business that drive what projects we work on.

But, what if you were to stay in action and be consistent instead of focusing on the GOAL? 

Think about this

If you know attending networking events work for your business and you attend.  Then you consistently use your event follow up process to email and call with new contacts after each event.

If you were to consistently have 10 sales call per week, you would get better at sales and close more people into working with you.  By following up with the new contacts you met at the events and scheduling strategy sessions you would get in front of more people.

If you were to consistently post on social media and writing your newsletters to communicate with your list, your list size would grow.  Say you implement a process where you write on mondays, post on wednesdays, then pull content and post to social media every week. You would see the list size continue to grow.

2014 is all about following the process and staying in consistent action.  It will pay off.. stay consistent and before you know it you will have reached your list size goal, social media numbers, fill your programs, and make your revenue numbers.

Share below your plans for 2014!

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