DIY Giant Bubble Wand and Bubble Mix

Giant Bubble Wand Cover1

Outdoor Fun

Summer vacation is upon us and the kids are home for the summer. What to do? Get them outside for some outdoor fun! Kids love bubbles of all sorts, but GIANT bubbles will keep them entertained for hours. The best part is that you easily make the bubble wand and mix at home with help from the kids.

Supplies for the Wand

Giant Bubble Wand Supplies

  • 2 wooden dowels ( I used 3/8 in)
  • 2 eye hooks
  • 4 #10 washers
  • cotton string
  • scissors

Step 1

Giant Bubble Wand Add Eye Hooks

Add the eye hooks to the end of the dowels. I was able to use my hands to twist them in, but you may need to use a pair of pliers.

Step 2

Giant Bubble Wand Assemble

I found it easier to lay the dowels on the floor for the next steps. Cut a length of cotton string about three arm lengths long. There’s not right or wrong length, you just want the triangle to be large enough to make giant bubbles.

Tie one end of the string to an eye hook. Make at least 4-5 knots so that it won’t slip. Take the opposite end of the string and thread it through the next eye hook. Secure it to the eye hook with a few knots as well. Then, thread the 4 #10 washers onto the string before you tie it back onto the first eye hook. See the above picture for a visual aid for the proper set up of the bubble wand.

Step 3

Giant Bubble Wand Bubble Supplies

Now it’s time to make the bubble solution. Sure, you could use pre-made bubbles in a bottle, but they will pop easier and won’t get as big. For super big bubble solution, you will need:

  • 12 cups of water (in a gallon bottle—this makes it way easier)
  • 1 cup of liquid dish soap
  • 1 cup of corn starch
  • 2 tbsp of baking powder (not soda)
  • 2 tbsp of glycerin
  • funnel

First, mix the corn starch, baking soda, glycerin and one cup of water together until it forms a paste.

Giant Bubble Wand Mix

Pour the soap and paste into the bottle of water.

Giant Bubble Wand Bubble Add Soap

Gently mix.

Giant Bubble Wand Shake

Pour into a cookie sheet and make bubbles! Make sure all the string is saturated in the bubble solution before you pull it out.

Giant Bubble Wand Cover3.

To get the biggest and longest bubbles, move slowly. It will take a few tries, but the kids will get the hang of it. Have fun!

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