Do More Than Manage Your Online Reputation

Screen-Shot-2013-04-14-at-3.40.49-PMHere’s my handout from the personal branding with social media workshop I spoke at Catapult 2013, the 21st century tools conference for fresh law school grads and young legal professionals.

Imagine this:

A personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.

Now imagine that the room is the web…and the room keeps getting bigger.

And it’s all Google-able.

When you take control of your personal brand online, you become a findable, distinct entity. Then that can help connect you with professional opportunities that are right for you.


Go beyond managing your reputation.  Aim to demonstrate your best abilities online.

Ask yourself:

How can I use social media and my online presence to show my career development, my engagement with my subject area, my ability to build relationships and express my goals?


Embody your brand on a daily basis. Be consistent.

Add your voice to online conversations relevant to your work and business. For example, by joining Twitterchats & LinkedIn & Facebook groups on your topic, using appropriate hashtags at Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, sharing news & thought leadership in your area.

Simply by the way you behave online (and where) you can demonstrate to the people who want to work with you your expertise, the talents you bring, how you operate.

If you want to be known as helpful or resourceful or opinionated or multidisciplinary, you know what to do.

Anything to add about going beyond pure reputation management online to actually demonstrating your best work here? How much farther do you want to go?


ANASTASIA ASHMAN combines her global work-life experience with a pro background in media, culture & the Internet industry as a visionary for global personal branding. The cofounder of equips individuals & groups with an effective framework of personalized digital strategy & a community practice to reach offline goals through your online presence.

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