Do you backup your WordPress site?

How often do you backup your website?  Once a month?  Maybe once a week?  Hopefully your answer is “Not at all“!

Your Word Press site may only be a couple of pages but I’m sure you put time and effort into planning and creating it. It would be a shame if something happened and all that hard work and effort was wiped out either by a hacker or by accident.  I believe its important to plan for these type of events– that is why I recommend backing up your system at least monthly.

dreamstime_18125080-150x150There are several plug-ins that you can use with your Word Press site that will backup your content.  Here are  7 of the most popular ones on the market.  Take a moment and see what works for you!

  • WP-DBManager allows you to schedule automatic backups of your database (via email or server backup) or manually download it.  The biggest drawback of this plugin is it doesn’t backup your entire site, only the database.  For more information on this plugin click here.
  • Backup Technology  is a free plugin that allows you to back up 50 MB of your database on their secure servers.  This plugin only backups your database – not your entire site.  For more information on this plugin click here.
  • Automatic WordPress Backup  that backs up not only your database but also all of your themes, plugins, photos and any other uploaded files.  It uses Amazon S3 storage service to automatically or manually backup your WordPress website. So you’ll need to sign up for an Amazon S3 account in order to use this plugin.  This complete WordPress backup solution is free and using Amazon S3 costs are minimal compared to some of the other solutions listed here (i.e. VaultPress, BackupBuddy).  For more information on this plugin click here.
  • WP DB Backup this backup plugin for WordPress lets you schedule an automatic database backup of your WP website. It’s very much like the WP DB Manager in that it can be scheduled to backup as frequently as you want and the backup file can be sent to an email address of your choosing.  For more information on this plugin click here.
  • Backupify this service backs up your online data across numerous online services (i.e. Flickr, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Their WordPress backup plugin only backs up your WP database.  For more information on this plugin click here.
  • Vault Press offers a backup service for self-hosted WordPress sites. Future plans includes the ability to monitor your WP blog and alert you when it identifies a potential security threat or any suspicious activity. For more information on this plugin click here.
  • Backup Buddy this is a premium WordPress backup plugin that backs up your entire WP site but helps you restore it and migrate it elsewhere when needed. This plugin backs up everything associated with your WP website including plugins, themes, widgets, and the database. You can schedule backups either daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Once the backup is compete, it will  be stored via email or an FTP account depending on your preferences. The restoration and migration features are powerful time saving functions that make this plugin particularly useful.  For more information on this plugin click here.

I use Backup Buddy for my websites and highly recommend it!  It is easy to install and configure and as mentioned above you get additional features including restoration and migration tools to help in case you need to restore your site – just in case disaster strikes!

If you’ve found this blog valuable please share with your friends and colleagues and I would love your comments!  Thanks for reading!


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