Do you know what your Ideal Client wants?

In order to stay relevant and in business it’s important for you to know if what you are offering is truly what your ideal client wants. Remember, people buy what they want NOT what they need.

You might think you have exactly what your ideal client wants.  So you spend your precious time and energy creating a wonderful new product only to find out after its not selling they’re not interested.  My advice is don’t waste your valuable time and energy; survey your list first and ask if your new product or service is really something that they want andare willing to invest in.  I’d much rather ask and let my ideal client tell me what my next product or service is instead of creating something that no one wants.

So how do you go about surveying your list.  Well, its really very simple. In fact there are several tools that make creating and sending survey’s very easy.  Let’s look at one of the most popular tools on the market – Survey Monkey.

Survey Monkey has 4 different plans including the Basic Plan which is FREE!

  • Basic – FREE
  • Select – $17/per month
  • Gold – $25/per month
  • Platinum – $65/per month

With the Basic Plan you can have up to 10 questions per survey and 100 responses.  If you’re just starting out I recommend starting with this plan as you can always upgrade later.

You can create a new survey by:

  • starting from scratch
  • copying an existing one
  • using an expert survey template from different categories
  • or start with a Question Bank created by Survey Monkey

The interface is simple to use and straight forward.  Once you get started you will see how easy it is to create a survey and get responses.  Here are 5 simple ways to get more responses from your survey:

  1. Send your list the link to your survey
  2. Add the survey to your website or blog
  3. Email the survey to your list
  4. Add the survey to your Facebook Fan Page
  5. Share the survey via Twitter
So get started creating your first survey today and find out what you’re ideal client really needs!

If you’ve found this blog valuable please share with your friends and colleagues and I would love your comments!  Thanks for reading!


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