Do you manage your time or does your calendar manage you?

Do you manage your time or does your calendar manage you?

Do you not know which way to turn? Who you’re meeting with next? What you’re doing tomorrow?

If you said yes, think about how that makes you feel? I imagine a little out of control and wanting to rein things in. I have clients that can completely relate with you. They are never on time for an event. They always deliver their products late & incomplete. They are fully capable of raising their business to the next level, in order to do so they need to have complete control of their time!

Lucky for them I am in the business of process management! Let’s talk about time management processes and systems. Every business needs to have solid processes before they implement systems. Your systems should enhance your process and make your life easier.

Here are a few time management process tips to think about:

Plan your day! Know what days you are going to meet with clients & what days will be project days.

  • One of the best tips I was given is to have a business planning day every month. A whole day of mapping out your social media strategy, completing a financial health check, and scheduling events for the month.

Time Chunking/Blocking is a good concept to implement if you have a problem focusing.

  • Set aside 1-2 hours per client project. Use a timer to alert you when that time is up and you should be moving on to the next task. Now, if you’re on a roll and feel you will lose quality if you stop when the time is up, continue. Now that you’ve planned your day, you know what’s next and what’s priority.

Create a task/to-do list This is a must for every one! How do you know what’s on your plate if you don’t have a list? I do mean A list, not two or three lists. Jot down what you need to get done for the day. Cross them out as you complete it. It’ll give you a sense of satisfaction. If the list isn’t complete by the end of the day, no worries. Carry it over to the next day.

Prioritize! Prioritize! Prioritize! Do I need to say more?

  • Identify what needs to happen first, second & third. Do them in that order! Not easiest to hardest. This is your business. You’re responsible for it all.
  • As a mentor once said, first task… Revenue Building! It works!

You may look at these and think they are very simple. Try implementing them & watch how productive you become.

I can’t end this without sharing a system that is super beneficial to my business…my calendar! I use TimeTrade, an online calendar that allows online scheduling. This is one of the best tools know to business owners. Yes, my clients can schedule appointments without ever talking to me! Time is precious. Why waste it on something that can be done without you.

TimeTrade connects to my google calendar & blocks time that I am unavailable. Easy smeasy! There are many different systems that allow for online scheduling, especially for salons and gyms. A free one I love is Salonium ( This software has multiple calendars, online booking, mobile access, reminders & more.

You understand yourself and will know what works best for your business. Try a few different processes & systems before committing to one. It’s called a trial period for a reason! It allows you to find out the positives and negatives before making a selection.

Never forget to block out that me time! Whether it’s a 15 mins to sit in silence & reflect, a 60 minute much needed massage, or that mani & pedi on a saturday. It’s the only way to keep the sanity in our lives!

If you need some assistance with time managment processes & systems or just want to let me know your thoughts on this article, email [email protected]


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