Do You Take Time to Celebrate Your Successes?

How do you celebrate your successes?

As an entrepreneur, you are undoubtedly terrifically busy.  But are you doing so many things that you’re not taking the time to notice how much you’ve actually accomplished in a particular span of time?  It’s important that you’re not so quick to accomplish the next goal that you forget to celebrate the one that you’ve just completed.

When we don’t acknowledge our accomplishments and successes on a regular basis, we tend to fall under the assumption that we aren’t actually accomplishing that much at all.  When that happens, our self-confidence starts to take a hit, which can then affect our productivity.  It’s a vicious cycle.  It’s important to remember to give yourself a pat on the back for each goal that you complete.  Give yourself just a little reward – something that you look forward to doing that makes you smile.  It will build your self-confidence in your ability to get things done and it will also remind you that success is fun.

Your reward for a job well done doesn’t need to be a big one.  In fact, depending on the size of the goal, it doesn’t have to be much at all.  What’s more important is taking the time to acknowledge it.  Here are some little things you can do throughout the day as you cross those items off of your to-do list, as well as some bigger things for those larger, longer-term goals.

    • Tweet it / post it on Facebook
    • Turn on your favorite song and do a happy dance
    • Share with your family and friends
    • Go for a walk or run
    • Take time to hit the gym or your favorite exercise class – maybe one that you don’t get to attend regularly
    • Have a drink
    • Go out to dinner
    • Spend the afternoon reading or just vegging out
    • Spend the afternoon with your family
    • Take a day off of work
    • And for those bigger goals:  buy yourself something new or have a party

By taking this time to celebrate your successes, it will give you confidence and also motivate you to keep pushing for those larger, long-term goals that may seem so intimidating.  Enjoy your success and appreciate the rewards of your well-earned accomplishments!

Do you celebrate your successes?  What’s your favorite way to acknowledge crossing those items off your to-do list?  Visit me at and let me know!


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