Do you use a whiteboard?

Are you a visual person?

I am!  I need to be able to “see” things in order to absorb them.  So I’m a big fan of the Whiteboard!  I can quickly capture ideas, create a flow chart, write notes to my kids, and so much more on the whiteboard in my office.   The only problem is trying to use it to collaborate with my clients!  It doesn’t work or at least not well!

Well luckily I stumbled across a wonderful tool call Dabbleboard!  You guessed it; it’s an online Whiteboard that has several collaborative tools built right in!  And they have a FREE version!

Dabbleboard is like using a whiteboard only better!  You can click anywhere on the board and type!  No need to select the “text tool” on the toolbar.  It also recognizes basic shapes including, rectangles, ovals and diamonds and the best thing is you don’t have to draw the entire shape; it will complete it for you once it realizes what you are drawing.

There are several collaborative tools built in to Dabbleboard including video and audio chat.  You can invite others to join you and contribute to the brainstorming.

Here are 7 reasons to give Dabbleboard a try:

  1. Real Time Collaboration – invite anyone anywhere to join in on the brainstorming.   You can chat via voice, video or text.  AND everyone has the ability to view and edit the drawings!
  2. Upload existing documents and images – already have a flow chart that needs discussing or enhancing?  You can upload the document or image directly into Dabbleboard.
  3. Flexibility – everything you draw can be easily manipulated.  Moved, resized, deleted, and copied.  AND with unlimited Undo & Redo capabilities you can doddle until your hearts content.
  4. Create a drawing library – you can create a drawing library using drag and drop to store common drawings AND you can easily share them with others.
  5. Security – Dabbleboard drawings are secure!  Unless you make the drawing public, only those you choose to share it with can view it!
  6. Easy – Dabbleboard is easy to use and intuitive.  You don’t need to worry about selecting a tool on the toolbar, just start doodling!
  7. Toolkits – if you don’t want to start with a blank whiteboard, check out the available Toolkits.  These are templates that Dabbleboard provides as well as drawings that others have created and made available for public use.  Once you find what you’re looking for you can copy it to your document library.

Here’s a link for your convenience, enjoy!


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