Do you use your vision as your navigation tool? Exercises to get 2013 on the right path

In our global web conversation at this month, leadership coach Tanya Monsef Bunger led a workshop called “Be the Captain of Your Own Ship”.

Inspired by the ships that cross the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul where she lived for ten months, Tanya suggests you “think of your vision as your navigation tool” and let it guide you toward your goals.

In this three-and-a-half minute clip from the workshop, Tanya instructs you to imagine what it feels like to successfully complete a project you’re working on this year.

She guides you to imagine it’s January 2014, and you’ve had your best year ever. Can you describe what it feels like to have accomplished what you wanted in 2013 using three words?

Watch this video for Tanya’s tips on what you can do to help make sure you reach your goals come January 2014, then read the next post for more of Tanya’s advice.

What three words did you write down? Share them in the comments.


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