Do you wish fear didn’t hold you back?



Today, I’d carved out a precious 30 minutes to write about fear, courage and leaps of faith. And do you know what happened? I’ve procrastinated my butt off all morning (even resorting to making the beds and folding up washing before sitting down with my laptop). I mean seriously … who chooses to make beds & fold washing over diving into their creative space?!

Someone being held back by fear, that’s who.

And when I caught myself hiding out and cottoned on to what my sneaky self was actually up to, I made myelf a cuppa, logged off Facebook (hello … more procrastination anyone?) and sat myself down. So how do I feel now? Sick to the pit of my stomach, to be honest. And, here’s my lesson for today – the quickest way out of fear is action.

Fear show’s up for all of us, in it’s many disguises. But if you can learn to recognize it’s disguises and be aware of how fear actually ‘feels’ in your physical body, then you can also learn how to have the courage to feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Some of the ways fear may show up in your life can include – procrastination, perfectionism, increased heart rate, headaches, make you feel sick to the stomach and paralysis (that feeling of being stuck and unable to move forward).

Let’s not forget though that fear serves a purpose and is our brain’s way of keeping us safe. Fear, by definition, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Yep – we definitely need to keep in touch and pay attention when fear shows up for us. But, as we have evolved from cave dwelling creatures to modern day laptop weilding women, there’s not much that shows up on a daily basis that is likely to threaten us with danger, pain or harm. And writing a 500 word article isn’t going to cause any of those to happen! That’s for sure.

So why does fear continue to show up and hold us back, trying to keep us safe and comfortable, in our modern world?

Let’s look at this F.E.A.R as False Evidence Appearing Real – which is experiencing symptoms of fear based on past failures. And these ‘memories’, if you like, are generating false evidence of a future failing. We are simply re-experiencing failure in advance, and as Seth Godin (successful author and one of the most loved marketing bloggers on the internet) says, “what a waste!”

So how do we step up and have the courage to do it anyway, without all of this deep dread and fear?

Learning to take a leap of faith and enjoying the journey, is a good start. Allow yourself to experience the excitement of the moment and have the courage to ask for what you want. And you never know, it might even take you somewhere better than you could ever imagine. Each leap of faith teaches you what you need to know to make taking the next one even easier.

And remember, the quickest way out of fear is always action.

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